Maytech 65162 Fully Waterproof Motor Shaft and Ball Bearing Upgraded!

Shaft upgraded to splined shaft, with suitable propeller, more stable.
Ball bearing upgraded to rolling bearing, better quality.

Thank you for the upgrade , but may I ask why ?
The rolling bearing should not be to the closest of the propeller ( to keep rotor touching stator?)
and at the rear , it should not be a thrust bearing ( single or double angular) with a smaller shaft diameter ?

Also curious if the Flipsky & Reachertech will have the same upgrade? Is the factory making special upgraded motors just for Maytech?


Because the last crap prop they sold with the motor didn’t work that well. Therefore they have decided to move to a new crap prop still not fit for efoil purpose. This is what happens when you don’t do proper research…

Maytech is just trying to sell a motor / prop combination. But, that’s still not a very good prop. And with that shaft you can’t run the FR prop. Totally worthless…

It’s funny. They read this forum and see that a few people used this prop, which is cheap Chinese prop, so they decided to do this! Wow.

Those bearings are the same. What’s the change? Chinese bearing instead of NSK?


You can have both, Chinese and NSK. In my Flipsky motor I had NSK “made in Japan” for the cap and NKS “made in china” for the bottom …

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