Maytech 65162-SF 120kv and 190kv 12mm threaded shaft Inrunner "New" for sale

I have a new Maytech 65162 120kv and 190kv for sale.12mm threaded shaft… €420+ shipping for each. It is located in Austria so it can be anywhere in EU in days. PM me if interested.

Hey fellow flyers, this price of €420 reflects the shipping costs I paid and the VAT to get the motors from the supplier in China. This is my cost that I am asking. I hope that someone can use a motor and not deal with the unknown shipping time and uncertainty of customs duty charges.

Still available, willing to accept offers. These motors are NEW.

It’s about what they cost now on Banggood & others and not what you have paid some day in the past.

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Yes, It could be true. I thought It was a good idea to buy more then I need to minimize the costs. With shipping and duties the costs are always going to be higher than advertised. I have four in total so they will probably be available for awhile, if someone needs a motor ASAP in Europe I am the man.!

I never payed tax on Banggood and shipment is not much. If you buy from Flipsky directly you will have those additional cost to a significant amount, agree. There are more reasons to take into account like warranty. Anyway, someone need replacement asap it seems reasonable.
Why you just not build another board :slight_smile:

The plan is building two boards. That still leaves me with two extras, maybe I will have to build four.:rofl:

Two motor each board, problem solved

It’s always good to have spare parts as it might not be available when it breaks. Or they change some detail and it won’t fit anymore. It can take several weeks to get a motor from BG, so if someone really needs one quickly he might be willing to pay a little bit more.

Shipping with GLS is 20.00 Euros. I will sell the motor including shipping for 410 Euros each.