Maytech Disapoints Again

I have the Maytech V3 Remote.

Randomly, either the transmitter or the receiver gets stuck in a loop and outputs a continuous PWM. I know this as I am reading the PWM signal with an interrupt and can aslo see it on a scopemeter.

If I turn the transmitter on and off, it usually fixes it.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

How does a vesc deal with it? Is there some kind of failsafe recognizing this?

I’ve had two maytech remotes get stuck a full throttle. The first time I thought it was just a bad remote so I retried that remote. Then it happened again with another remote, so I quit using the maytech and switched to flipsky remote.

Cutting the remote on and off fixed it, but I’m not taking any more chances with the maytech remote. Luckily both times putting the remote completely under water cut the signal to the board and no one was hurt.

Both times happened while using in saltwater. I had done the DIY waterproofing. I assume the failure was related to the salt water.

No, VESC justthinks it’s a normal signal. But I am talking to teh VESCs through UART. The issue is that my software cannot tell it is looping.

Thanks @crutch. I’ll have to order a Flipsky.

Maytech is just rubbish.

I got screwed by a Maytec ESC - the non-programmable type - cooked a couple motors before I gave up on them. Had much better luck with Flipsky