Maytech Fully Waterproof 300A ESC Specs

2 Versions:

  1. Internal receiver: work with Maytech V2 MTSKR1905WF remote
  2. No receiver: can work with other remote.

Click the pictures to check more specs.

@PaulKirdy Could you tell us more about this new one ? 300A MTSVESC7.5H, price + availability ?

210201 MTSCVESC7.5H water

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Hi friend,
This new VESC is now still in sample designing and testing, now the price is still not settled, once it’s ready we will update online soon, please stay tuned.

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Maytech New 300A 85V Anti-spark Switch is ready today, the First Electronic Switch that can cut off the positive pole power in the market.
Switch case updated as in the below picture:

Application: electric surfboard, mountainboard, ATV, electric motorcycle, Efoil, jetsurf, jetski, RC boat, etc.,

That’s a beast: 1kg, 148 x 84 x 56 mm,
And not for every wallet: $799.00 Regular price$940.00 !! :astonished:
With a cont/max current = 300/1000A, to be compared to Trampa’s 100V/250A cont or 75V/300A cont VESC both at 480usd. (140 x 82 x 18mm)

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Hi friend,
The VESC is still not yet completely finished, so as the price.
Please stayed tuned, once it’s finally finished, we will update. :slightly_smiling_face:

MTSVESC7.5H New 300A 85V High Volt Speed Controller Promotion:
Original price: US$799/PCS
Order ≥2pcs get additional price US$699/PCS, can save you 100usd/pcs.

Accept Group Buy!
The promotion only limited until April, 1st.

The controller first batch will be ready on about March, 20th.

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VESC7.5H 1420-570

1pcs VESC7.5H

That pricing model is pretty aggro if it isn’t a typo.

Customer’s feedback testing Maytech 85165 Motor + 300A-WP ESC +1905WF on Kayak

Well , this is very nice but the pool is still here…
Could you make a higher kv motor ( 350-400) that will blow a part that pool ?