Maytech is Garbage

Bought the Maytech efoil diy package last summer (2020) with the MTI65162 100kV motor, MTSF300A-WP ESC and MTSKR1905WF remote. Connected it to a 14S14P battery (well within specs). First time out (spring 2021) the motor burned out and failed within 5 minutes. Because the warranty is only valid for 2 months they wouldn’t replace the motor so I just bought another one figuring it was a fluke motor. Nope, new motor burned out within 5 minutes as well. This time it was within warranty but Maytech simply refused to replace. No reason given - they just don’t honor warranties. I think the problem actually lies with the ESC - it just allows too much current through - and there’s no way to fix it - you can’t use a VESC tool or anything. I’m going to try Flipsky. I recommend avoiding Maytech…

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Sorry to hear, had a similar issue with a vesc, they don’t give you real warranty, only a discount for a new one…
The propeller they deliver with their packages is too big, better replace it with a smaller one (150mm diameter, 6-7” pitch) or reduce its diameter. If you buy a new one, it is better to chose the one with 12mm shaft and 8mm thread, fits props easier. I think all 65161/65162 are built quite similar so max current should be limmited, either through ESC (if possible) or by adjusting the diameter, blade surface and pitch of the prop.


I’ve had good results so far with the Flipsky FSESC that they have (water cooled). I also used a Flier for years before it finally went bad on me. I’ve never really seen a circumstance though where the ESC/VESC burned out the motor, especially one that goes in the water. Can you upload pictures of your build? Perhaps something else is happening? I had a circumstance where a motor burnt out and blamed the ESC and it turned out that to bullet connectors on the motor side were touching and I applied to much power and pow! Smoke!

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Yah smaller prop is a good idea - the Maytech splined shaft made that difficult as I couldn’t find a smaller prop with splines. I found a 3D printable version with a smaller pitch (I think) and aside from making a high pitch squealing sound it seemed to work ok but unfortunately the result was the same - motor burned out within 5 minutes. Just switched over to a Flipsky FSESC & motor - will try it tomorrow - hopefully all goes well!

I had the same idea about the bullet connectors so I made some plastic sleeves to protect them but alas the results were the same. I just switched over to a Flipsky FSESC & motor - gonna try it tomorrow- hopefully it works!

Good luck, with the VESC you can limit the motor current so even if the prop is too big, it should not burn the motor. Lower pitch should help but limits max speed.

My maytech remote stopped working on me today, requiring a good paddle back to shore.

What absolute garbage waterproofing, with no seal on the case, just relying on potting.

It looks like some water went in where the aerial goes into the potting, shorting a connection there. It came to life as soon as I had removed the potting in that upper area of the main board, and I can see evidence of some oxidation.

Someone else needs to make an accessible and properly waterproof remote, the maytech is a joke.

I’m either going to have to get a better waterproof pouch for it, or make a full new housing for it.

Addit: I should add that I had put additional conformal coating over the potting, and plenty of corrosion x. But it’s a waste of time, it just delays the inevitable of having potted circuits sitting in salt water. These remotes should be in an o-ring sealed case.


I have had it on my to do list for months now that I will remake the maytech remote housing. I intended on making it same shape as original but slightly larger with an O ring seal. Similar to an underwater camera housing enclosure. And then somehow have the magnet energy pass through the enclosure for the throttle. I have also ruined two remotes. I have tried the condom and that breaks. I have tried two condoms. Break. The final solution is a balloon which is partially blown up. Grip the bottom and it will clear the balloon from the throttle motion. This is to avoid balloon getting pinched and throttle being stuck in 100% position. Here is the proper size balloon.

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