Maytech MTI65162 versus Flipsky FS65161

Some weeks ago the Maytech was muchg mor expensive. So a lot selecting that motor.
But now, Black Friday and both have the same prize.

So my question is, wicht one is the better one?

Could you please put links to both?

Flipsky: Efoil motor FS65161 100KV 6000W 20S water proof for motorized surfboard | – FLIPSKY

Maytech: In Stock Maytech Fully Waterproof Efoil Motor MTI65162 120 Brushless I – official website

Lol, I’m sure Maytech is still making profit at this price… the normal price of 800$ is really overpriced…

but that not answered my question :wink:

It comes down to what type of motor shaft you want. The flipsky is threaded whereas the maytech uses that terrible prop.

But no body must use that prop :wink:

So, Motor only…

I wouldn’t use that Maytech prop. I have the flying Rodeo prop which is designed to fit the Flipsky version. Its faster and more efficient.

Jezza, nice that you spend time for me :wink:

I only whant to know, which motor (flipsky versus maytech) is the BETTER one! :wink:

They the same. Just different shaft shapes. Go with flipsky because it can use more props.

It depends on models actually - Maytech pict n°3, 4, 7, 9, 10 offer threaded shaft.
Reading the page bottom you understand why:

  • sensorless motors are delivered without thread and a pin at the shaft end because of the free prop,
  • sensored motors are delivered without free prop therefore a thread,
    Makes me think you could refuse the free prop and ask for a threaded end in a sensorless motor (standard swap)

Maytech with 329USD looks a better price but only 100kv + shipping not displayed (40USD ?)
On the other hand, Flipsky has 100 and 120kv motors at 339USD and offers free shipping on order amount above 359USD… nice if you can find a few cables/items for 20USD.

What is interesting is that Maytech sensored and Flipsky dimensions on blueprints are the same we knew it … except the cable length… 1000mm for the former and 1300mm for the latter.

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Assuming I was planning on purchasing a FR prop, what Flipsky KV would you suggest. 100 or 120?

Thanks, that is the answer I can understand :slight_smile:

Go 120kv. You’ll get extra speed.

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Maybe consider weather you want to support a company who was trying to charge 700 for the same motor flipsky was selling for 379. This should be a larger consideration than the insignificant differences between the motor hubs.

The price at moment ist now similar!
So, before a think similar than you.
But now, with the same price i wnat realy know if it is the same motor.
I got the answer, yes it is the same, so i can select. Still is flipsky, when i put some cables to the order the cheapest one…

If you cant wait get it now, but remember, those motors are neither produced by maytec, nor flipsky, nor reachertec. They are resellers. Normal rice of such motors at the factory should be around 120$...So there is still room for the prices to drop;-) And the current version has a limited life time on the they wont last forevver;-)

This is terrible advice. The cost price is not close to $120, it is quite a bit higher than that and the minimum MOQ is around 100 units. I have spoken to the factory so I know the exact amounts. Of course you have to go through a reseller at some stage as the factory will not sell to the public directly. I think the price of motor on sale is actually pretty fair to be honest.
Another newsflash would be that ALL seals have a limited lifetime. So any motor you purchase may eventually wear the seals out. More expensive motors get around this by treating the insides and winding’s in case water gets into the motor.

hmmm :thinking: to what factory did you speak?:wink:

Probably you will not get answer for that