Maytech MTI70182 won´t run

For me it’s the wing and stab that make the sound, and it seems that the stab contributes more. Veloce MT + Fast series stab are completely silent. How’s your stab? Does the sound change based on altitude, so could it be the mast that sings?

It’s a veloce 44 stab, and the sound was constant so i don’t think it’s the mast - good reasoning though!

I guess it’s the wing since i have used this stab silently before. Got the tip to sand the tips and the wing surface, i’ll try it and report.

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Do you have any recommendations on non-VESC ESCs? The 120116 experiences serious “volt sag” which is likely what his issue is (and mine). I have added up to 2kW in modules and monitored the motor and ESC and battery while submerged and under full load, it effectively cuts off due to volt sag. Connecting my modules in series would be over 100 volts which the VESC cannot tolerate and is the only variable left from my perspective.


I didn’t see any thread about your issues, however if you have massive voltage drop then your battery is too weak for the current you draw.
The drive undervoltage for the vesc itself is something like 10V and the shutoff limit for the battery voltage can be adjusted in the program.
I’d guess there is another root cause to the problems for you.

Better to start a separate thread about it than post in Ackerman’s.

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Thanks! I was kind of excited to see four new answers in this thread and was looking forward to finally have “the” solution on hand. But off topic was stronger :slight_smile:

I am going to have another test on my setup this week, but first it need to stop raining


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Hi Bryce

I haven’t run a motor that big so can’t really recommend anything other than looking at APD escs. They make really good stuff but can be pricey.

How’d it go? I always look forward to seeing root cause, especially to the difficult issues!

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘descriptive rendering” but the csv log file in native format is anything but that.

Two ways:

  1. Open csv in VESC tools - log analysis - you can then see graphs of data
  2. Open csv in Excel - covert delimited txt to columns - you can sort for max, min, create graphs etc.

Perhaps you already know this😀

well…kinda of good and bad. I had some improvements by sealing the mast clamp with silicone. Still there is some stutter, but the board goes quite fast. Hard to control though due to sudden lack of power and current peaks

so i thought it got to be the mast clamp. I detached everything and re work again. I really thought its better now but today it was even worse. The board was not getting speed, it was really strange:

I have this kind of fancy clamp which is pulling the motor to edge of mast, let me search a pic:

There is a printed cone on top of that:

I will try no a classic printed mast clamp, filled with epoxy and CFK pieces. This worked on my two previous build always like a charm.
But before I may try again static with the reworked clamp to look for any abnormalities.

So, stay fingers crossed its not over yet

If you compare logs its quite strange; same erpm but different speed. I maybe have messed up here something else. I think I will reload FW 5.03 to the GFoc300, run detection again, static test and then foil again


Interesting, i run a clamp just like that on one of the drives i have. Haven’t had issues with it but i’ve had a weird snaking movement feeling with my first clamp that was too loose, this could occur at higher speeds. You might be on to something.

Now that you have the motor running how does the power compare to the 65? Maytech’s chart shows about equal max power but looks like the 70 has about 30% more torque? Does this feel accurate?

The data on Maytech site is faked, this motor won’t get 98% efficient over the span they show. I wish we had more trustworthy sources than Maytech

yeah I definitely don’t trust those numbers but maybe they’re equally fudged so the 30% difference could still be relative.

Love the logic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

20 char

It does have more torque. Quite significant. In a sharp turn touching water I cannot get out with my 65ish motor, with this one it just pulls me out. Also when the setup was doing better (hitting the 46km/h) there is still feelable acceleration at around 40km/h towards higher speed. Is it 30%? I cannot tell

I am also driving this one with a 8" prop. My older setup with 100kv 65ish motor was not able to handle such high pitch prop very good.

Any noticeable difference (increase ?) in Wh/km draw ? Riding time ?

Well it’s not running as smooth now compared to 65xxx setup and I am still in root cause finding. So at the moment there is no comparison trustworthy. Maybe low speed like 20km/h, cause there is no issue.

Mystery is solved. Regular printed mast clamp filled with epoxy and CFK and the setup runs as intended. So no vesc or Motor issue. I am a bit disappointed because the initial mast clamp felt well designed and mounted.