Maytech Nov 11 Sale on Aliexpress

11.11 Sale is about to start in 2 days on Aliexpress, except for extra discount than usual, comes with 8usd discount for each 150usd orders, such as order 150usd minus 8usd, order 300usd minus 16usd, come see what you want to get, add in cart first !

Maytech never even responded when I sent an email to them about an ESC that broke within 5 uses (simple bench testing…not even in my foil on the water). I haven’t really heard anything good about this company on this forum. Personally, I would stay away from them.

Are you referring to VESC6 “Super ESC”? I also burnt the newer one (mtvesc6.12), driver blew up when testing FOC on the bench. Warranty was 7 days which is joke. Their VESC HW design is questionable and they don’t repair anything. They just offer you 20% discount on a new one…

Exact same one. Very frustrating but somewhat par for the course with cheap Chinese electronics. I must say my Flipsky VESC 6 that is water cooled has worked very well. Even when it got overheated (cooling issue) it worked by cutting power to 50% and allowing me to limp back to shore. Fixed the cooling with no permanent damage.

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