Maytech Remote - Best Practice (Use and Charging)

Hi I read on here a few months ago a post where someone had made a list of do’s and don’ts for the Maytech remote but can’t find it.

It was stuff like…don’t fully charge, don’t leave charging etc etc

Will soon be staring to use mine and want to give myself the best chance of kerping it working

Also going to keep it in a waterproof bag as will be using in salt water

Any tips or tricks would great

  • Open remote and check it is properly waterproofed. Version 2 remotes they didn’t waterproof the screen and connectors properly.
  • When charging, don’t let it charge past 4.2V
  • Rinse thoroughly after use
    Those are the major 3 points.
    You could also add some corrosionX to springs, but I haven’t bothers with this.

Thanks Jez, hoping to test my electrics in the next few weeks with an aim to be in the water by early spring or before

Quick question, do I…

Turn remote on first, then plug in batteries or the other way round?

(Will be using maytech v2 remote and Arc200 with 2 x 6S lipos?)

Order doesn’t matter. I keep remote off until I’m in the water and on the board so that I don’t spin the motor by mistake and cut anything or anyone.

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Can i ask anyone how the “Cruise control” works?

Hi Ben,
you press the throttle until you reach the desired speed and then at the same time the knob on the back for some seconds - that’s it :surfing_man:

and then peg the throttle full? or release throttle? 2nd option sounds dangerous.

The best way to think of it as follows:

  • Front trigger is for throttle
  • Rear trigger is for brake or setting cruise control

To Set cruise control:

  • pull throttle to desired output. While holding throttle press and hold brake for X seconds (I think X is 5).

To Stop cruise control:

  • Either pull throttle in to the same percentage and then release OR completely press down the brake and then release. The brake obviously being the safer option…

Thanks Jezza, My Yamaha waverunner works by throttle to desired output, then press a button for a few seconds, then you can pin the throttle to max, making it comfy and easy. However if you release the throttle, Cruise control is disabled. Am i right to think one the maytech cruise is set, you release the throttle completely?

Right :+1: pressing throttle or break will stop it

For an easier and objective (not subjective) front wing or prop stat comparison, I am dreaming about a particular cruise control: a remote where you press a button and each press increases the rpm by 200. Like that, I could check the take-off rpm/amp/speed plus 20 sets of data between 0 and 4000rpm (20 tuples) so that I can compare one change (wing or prop) at a time, in the same test conditions (motor and stabiliser).
When that is possible, develop an automatic test tool of N (20?) steps… :star_struck: to observe the speed increase after a 200rpm increase order like an RC Charging Circuit Curve

rc-charging curve

Of course, it is better to do that on a lake (no current) during a no-wind day (same air resistance whatever the riding direction).

How long does it usually take to charge?

Can it be switched on while charging

Does the pad stop flashing when charged?


BTW has anyone got the instructions as a pdf I realised mine didn’t come with a manual

@RamsUK there are two V2 but this is the latest:

Online FAQ: Maytech Remote User Tips and FAQ for Beginners of Esk8 / Esurf / Efoil – official website

Trying to figure out if you can set max throttle and also the 3 click cruise control that FD controllers have. Is this possible at all?