Maytech remote error story

I will share with you a Maytech V1 driver failure. It was used only in fresh water and even destroyed the main board - oxidation. After a claim, maytech sent me a new V2 driver with a receiver after paying $ 63. Perhaps this will be better. I have one functional driver and I paid a total of $ 308. The new main board V1 is not sent even though I wanted to pay it.
for this price I could have two drivers. Sad story.

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I think they fail by design because they are not waterproofed the right way. In my opinion, the whole case should be waterproof, access for service with a sealed lid. Wireless charging to avoid contacts to the outside. FW upgrade through BT or WiFi.

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The mistake was - Gray soft material they used to seal did not hold on the packaging. it would be better to use a polyurethane adhesive. (which glue the windshields of cars).

Designing a proper waterproof case instead of relying on potting makes way more sense. It would also allow maintenance on the remotes.

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We look forward to creating a reliable waterproof controller. Flipsky is reportedly working on developing a new one, so let’s see if it will be OK.:pray:

Yes there are some new waterproof ones coming up… This one is under prototype testing by a german efoil company;-)


Super :pray::+1::heart_eyes:I look forward to. Please let me know when it will be on sale? And the approximate price?