Maytech remote issue

I finally have a build to get on the water with but my Maytech V2 remote seems to have an issue. It appears if there is a dead spot on the remote and the motor does not turn until 59% on the remote. Has anyone seen this problem. I have recalibrated numerous times. It runs fine in the VESC tool.

It’s not the remote. Your VESC thinks that it’s in reverse/brake until neutral (50%) and then after 50% it thinks its in forward. Sometimes in the VESC tool you need to manually adjust the numbers even if it’s running fine in the VESC tool. I’ve had this same situation happen and I’m pretty sure there are other similar posts.

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Thanks. It was a setting in the VESC. Never really found a thread with this exact problem but found it by playing around for a few hours.

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Well that’s embarrassing! Now I know why I knew how to solve your issue! lol

That’s too funny! When I finally do a build thread I plan on adding a bit on how to setup a VESC. For many of us this is the first time we have done some of this stuff and it’s simply not intuitive.

I’ve built a lot of things but this is a very unique project.

The more I have experimented with the VESC tool, the more certain I become that lowering your ERPM was not what solved your problem. (Not to be argumentative as you are the only one helping me right now :slight_smile:). I really think there needs to be an entire thread dedicated to a very detailed instruction on VESC tool setup.

Since it’s been snowing in Colorado for the last couple of days, I have literally spent hours adjusting parameters on the VESC tool, writing them to the motor/app, and then seeing what difference they made on my testbed. I tried various ERPM settings as well changing the pulselength and it never affected the remote throttle response. I did get the throttle working perfectly when I eliminated the braking.

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Snowing in Colorado. Really. Wow. We are about to get an Indian summer here in the coming days.

And yes. I totally agree with a dedicated thread about the vesc tool setup.

My dad and I have been struggling too with this. (Actually still are).

So please. If you are not going skiing / snowboarding than start a thread about the vesc tool setup :slight_smile:

What solved it was changing the pulselength.

Yeah, I should have posted about my pulselength experiment. I changed them back and forth and never had an issue with the remote. (I also happened to change my ERPM settings and it didn’t effect the remote). Did you ever go back and change your pulselength back to the original settings and see what happened with the remote? That’s the only way I could think to verify if that was the issue.