Maytech remote!

Big shout out to @Eileen from Maytech! I was jealous of everyone having their waterproof remote after mine burnt out so I ordered one on Sunday night and I have it in my hand today! All the way from Shanghai to Florida in two days! DHL is awesome! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks!!!


I wouldn’t use the strap that comes with it. Mine broke after 3 uses. Could have easily lost my remote, as without the strap it sinks like a rock.
No after sales support from maytech either.
Just a heads up, as I’d hate to see anyone lose their remote.


Good to know. I’ll look into it and maybe swap it out with paracord or something.

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the strap has no quality problem. You can check it before using.

Tyler, this is what happened to mine on the 3rd use. The strap has a single row of stitches holding about 5mm of the strap. Really weak. I wouldn’t trust it. It’s an expensive remote. Not worth the risk of losing it.

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Ok thanks for the info.

i am planing on building an E-foil for myself and saw this remote online and was going to post asking if people has used it as it looks like its a perfect solution and much nicer than an rc radio on a zip lock bag. Clearly it has been used…Can anyone tell me if it works well / user experiences ( other than the strap issue ) @rogjalon

The remote is nothing special and way overpriced. The LCD screen is a useless gimmick and the receiver is a unprotected PCB that requires you to solder a wire on it. Maytech have proven to have no after sales support should something go wrong. Personally I’d wait for something better.

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wow that’s really disappointing to here as it looks really good from the video i saw on line. Do you still use yours or have you moved onto something else better ?

i haven’t been on this forum very long so i may have missed other " waterproof " ready to go controllers so if you know of any please let me know ( for a fellow Aussie / SA)

OR if u want to sell it i might give it a go.

I have only had it a couple weeks, so I’m still using it. I had to get another strap made up, as I got no support from maytech when mine broke after a couple hours of use.
I have found nothing useful in the LCD display, so it may as well not be there. It has a tiny battery voltage display, but even though it’s adjustable, it simply doesn’t display accurately.
The fact that it’s black and sinks like a rock if you drop it is a real disappointment too.
The receiver is a unprotected PCB, so I had to make another little enclosure to give it some chance of lasting.
For the price of it, it’s lacking many features. For this price I’d expect it to at least have a governor the same as a lift foil or flite board. It also should have telemetry to display board information and speed. It’s also missing a switch to turn the board off and on remotely. There’s so many features this remote is lacking. Basically it’s a $50 remote thats been waterproofed. I’m keeping mine for now, but as soon as something better is s available, I’ll be replacing it.

About a month ago I ordered the Maytech remote. The transaction and delivery went more quickly than I expected from China. It took about a week. I just got a chance to handle it today. It is what I expected assuming it works. It should be better than the cheap $30 E-skate control inside a plastic bag. I think the trigger will be a big improvement over the thumb control I had. Its the best option available at this time. I do believe it won’t be long before there is something better on the market. The price is high.
I am disappointed that the display on mine looks like they got a blob of between the glue between the glass on the LCD display. Makes me question the quality of the product.

Here is the container and other items that come with it.

Now I have a question, See Photo.
On my E-foil my UBEC plugs in to the Bat location of my receiver. That supply’s the voltage to the receiver.
My ESC plugs in to the receiver Chan location. That provides the speed input to the ESC.

How do I wire the new Maytech receiver. Do I plug the receiver into the ESC. Then splice the + and - output from my UBEC to the receiver wires.

Do I need to be concerned where I place the antenna that comes out of the Maytech receiver. None of the other receivers I had, had antennas.

I used a lead like this.

This is really poor how maytech keep on sending damaged goods. They will probably try to blame you for damaging the screen.
I’d be opening a dispute with Alibaba

Thanks. I was thinking something like that would be the answer.

@MAC In regards to the antenna. I first covered the receiver in heat shrink and fitted it into a 3D printed bracket that then slotted into an enclosure with free space so the antenna doesn’t touch any other wires.


Looks good :slight_smile: can you please provide me with your shopping link and price?

Thank you so much! :smiley::clap:t3:

Now with cruise control! I hope we can update our existing remotes…


Now thats a little more interesting!