Waterproof remote housing

Thank you! I ordered the Dragon Skin silicone from Smooth-On and will post a feedback here after some tests.

After unsuccessfully trying to negotiate a better deal with Maytech on the waterproof remote. I bit the bullet and reluctantly made the purchase.
After 3 uses the safety strap snapped due to poor quality stitching. I contacted Maytech and asked if they would replace it. Once again instead of customer service, I received rudeness. Her answer, was you must have put it on to tight. Everything has a limited lifetime she says. ( Apparently 3 days of use is the limit) Just sew it she said.
I’d might add that the purpose of this strap is to stop the remote from being lost if you drop it. I think that makes it fairly important.
Now, the rest of the remote.
As I stated previously, there is nothing special about this remote other than it being waterproof.
The display screen is nothing more than a gimmick. The throttle percentage is useless and the miniscule board battery display doesn’t display accurately.
The receiver is a unprotected PCB that requires soldering to make the apparent battery voltage feature function. The remote comes with no instructions other than a link to a short, vague youTube video. I’d advise to stay away from this Chinese junk and wait for something better.


Hi Roger,

First of all, our price is the price of the remote control, and the strap is is delivered free of charge.
And the strap is about 5USD, and you opened dispute and asked 50USD refund.

Secondly, everything has limited lifetime. It’s same for the strap. It may be because every people use in different way, the broken time is different. However, the broken strap does not affect the use of our remote control. And it’s easy to be repaired.

Finally, I made timely responses and suggestions for your problems. I didn’t think that you were malicious. I didn’t have any maliciousness. I spent time and sincerity on every customer, whether they bought one or 100.

Later if you have any questions when using the remote control, I am happy to help you. In addition, when you placed order, manual was not ready. So I sent instruction videos and detailed messages to you. If you had doubts in using the remote, please contact me.
And manual was ready this Monday. If you need, I can send to you.

Eileen, as the advertised picture shows, the strap is included in the sale. It wasn’t free. Don’t make things up, it’s unprofessional. I opened a dispute only after you refused to help. If the strap is only worth $5, why not provide some customer service and replace it for me, That’s all I asked.

This remote is sold for efoil , it must have a strap and a good quality one , it is a part of the remote because you don’t want to swim back pushing your board after loosing your remote in the water

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I love this remote! Not only waterproof, long potentiometer, incredible signal in the water and good communication from Eileen.
photos attached, quick test with my daughter hanging on the strap, 35 kg
In my opinion it is very quality material.

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Thank you for “testing” :smile: If i may add : it is a nice quality folding-arm awnings as well

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Good to see your strap is ok Virus. All I did was attached mine to my wrist 3 times, and I was told that it broke from misuse.

do not waste time on this remote
is really uncomfortable to operate, it is difficult to hold the finger steady on the gas
and without serious waterproofing is not working in salt water
i tried a lot of remote, it really sucks that everything is ready and you’re stuck because of a remote, it happened to me a few times so I gave up and ordered a remote from maytech
after calculating I’ve already spent much more on (8) remotes

Ok thanks. I have one but haven’t even taken it out of the bag. I was going to check it out after I get everything totally working. The maytech one works really well. I just need to figure out how to show the battery life of the pack on the remote.

hi everybody,i bought the maytech for my prototype today and which comes next week so so I can have my say,this will be the sixth that i buy!

For all efoil builders:

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Back to subject topic, here is a very nice esk8 remote that deserves our attention and some customisation :slight_smile:
Evolve rev 1 was launched in 2016 ? This is rev 2 from dec 2017. Maybe Evolve could launch a esurf version (waterproof, distance switch-off, …) For that, we need to waive so that they can feel our market…



new update on my remote housing.
i m using it more than 1 year without problem
i have preparde one backup but never used .

i dream to have speed/amp/volt on my remote. (actually fix on top of my board )

i have tested to fix my phone on arm but it seems not convenient:

has my remote is big, i just need to increase the size to fit my phone :


with phone :

not finalyzed but expect to have it ready for next summer

phone is just on top of reiceiver

i m using old p8 lite, if i have time i will try to keep touch screen .

Bonus: i can now also give a call during foiling :wink:


Very nice and which esc are you using now ?

arf still with my old alien sport II 350A, i want to buy VESC, but still hesitant between Flipsky and trampa.
during the time i tak my decision, will start some test with cheap solution :

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Does it still float?

Well, if it is about hardware and not money (you can say what you want, but those flipsky are dirty cheap), the trampa escs are well designed and each one will just outperform every other in their league.

Every flipsky I am or had been using had at least 1-2 terrible design flaws. E.g. even the newest version still cant measure the input voltage accurately. I mean, it’s not that hard to wire up an ADC…but apparently out of flipskys scope since 3 generation of escs.

yes it should still float, i will confirm when fully assembly ( it remain : one layer of resin + silicone gasket)

trampa is my dream, but almost 3 time expensive, i think i will wait for the budget

Update with touch screen usefull :



The hammerhead remote from https://land-surf.com/products/hammerhead-remote
As a source of inspiration as it is for a skate therefore not waterproof
Sold 145USD… nano V2 encapsulation at 1:40