Waterproof remote housing

Hello every one,
This is another project of waterproof remote.
My goal is to make something cheap, easy to do, and if possible reliable.

My choice is to use standard cheap remote (20€ with receiver) ,and to add some waterproof housing:

For waterproofing the cover i m using silicone . Due to my printer I need to print intermediate part stick also with silicone

For waterproofing the trigger, I m using piece of gloves.

every thing is fitting well.
Under water test is ok : no leak

next step will be real test

if needed i can share STL or solidwoks part.


Very cool! Excelent build.

For the trigger, I was wondering if it would be good to have a 2 Stage trigger. You could disable the motor by pressing it all the way. That way if you fall and your reflex squeezes down on the handle, it will not accelerate.

That is so great! It would bei absolutely nice If you could share the solidworks files. Is it also possible to push the trigger back and forward?

Hello could you send me the STL files?


thanks koni

regarding trigger, i just cut one, i m using it only backward.

i v tried to switch off remote and receiver stay on this middle position.
i think it s more safe to configure ESC with this position as stop for motor.

if you want to try with front position , it s possible, just need to change design of intermediate trigger.

koni: files just sended

if any one can help me to share file ?
solidworks + STL = 2.7mo

You can share on grabcad.com and put a link here


link for STL
thanks Hiorth

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Solidworks + STEP :



This is awesome. Have to try this.

thx for the styl files

Thanks! Can you also share the model of the remote please? Why it was needed to cut something away from the remote like shown in your picture?

Remote model is in solidworks part and step.
i just added it in STL on grabcad

Superlefax : you should cut the first trigger and you can make space arround back position of trigger.
before i cut this part , sometimes, trigger was blocked in back position. i did not add additionnal spring , so only the spring of remote is pushing the trigger in front position.
it’s working fine like that.

you would need to have some sort of gasket to seal the remote, otherwise you would have to break the silicone seal every time you need to turn it on and off?

Or are you saying that you used the groove to house a bead of silicone, which is acting like the gasket? Sorry the pictures are not super clear to answer my own question.

yes i m using the groove to house a bead of silicone and acting like gasket. done on saturday, it was working on sunday, hope life time of silicone will be enough.

Thats great. I’m going to print this out and give it a shot. What do you think about putting a membrane like the glove on the inside?

Thanks for this, I’ve already got the remote. Will test and print soon!

I’m going to redesign this with the glove sleeve on the inside.

Also be sure to print this with the gasket side up to get the cleanest joint between the two pieces. I spent 30 mins this morning cleaning the groove when I printed it hollow side down.

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hello, for glove inside, i m little bit affraid, in my case i have a lot of support inside . after removing it i still have some sharp edges. i m afraid it will cut the glove.

i m printing in this position :

layer 0.2mm / support inside and out side

i m interested by your results