Maytech shaft getting loose

It seems like bearings or seals are wearing out in my Maytech motor. Before I tear it apart, I was curious what the most likely culprits are and if anyone has had this problem. Hopefully these are parts I can find easily around here. And that i can run it for a little while longer without water ingress. I’ve had it running since Christmas so it hasn’t seen a tremendous amount of use yet.

Could be an unbalanced prop?

Yeah. Most likely what caused it with my use of 3D printed props. They work great but I’m learning how to balance with each attempt :slight_smile: Just curious what the failed components are most likely so I can start searching for replacements. Been riding about twice a day during the pandemic and the efoil is keeping me sane/happy :slight_smile:


Did you fill it with corrosionX before using it? If not, that’s the reason. The bearings need lubrication and the motors all leak. The moisture inside destroys the bearings.

There isn’t much clearance between the rotor and the housing. Don’t run the motor with play in he shaft or you’ll quickly destroy it.

Order new seals and bearings and corrosionX.


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Did an end cap swap with another motor I had. Went great but man was that bearing worn. The seals too. Looks like water got in but not enough or for long enough to permanently damage the windings.

The new end cap seems to be a better/different design though, so that was interesting to see. I expected them to be identical. Now to get parts and fix the worn end cap section so that I have a backup motor again.

Needs lubrication.


Funny this, I’ve been riding a balanced prop with corossion X and it seams my bearings are on their way out. At low rpm you don’t notice a thing, but at high rpm you can hear the bearings are not their best…
Why this company doesn’t just put in great bearings right from the start baffles me…


Correct me if I’m wrong. But didn’t you put the corrosionX in your motor, let it soak, then dump it out before sealing the motor up?

If so, there might be enough corrosion protection from the residue, but there won’t be any liquid in there to lubricate and cool the bearings.

I suggest filling the motor half way full. I’ve done 3 motors this way. So far the bearings are still like new.

Also, have you checked to see if you have the Japan NSK bearings or the Chinese bearings?


I did treat it with cX, but I haven’t bothered opening it again yet. It’s fine at low RPM, but once it get to full RPM then the bearings sound a little cranked. I need to check the shaft hasn’t been slightly bent or knocked as I have flown with it…