Maytech Test Powerful Fully Waterproof Esurf Kit MTI120116 motor + 300A ESC + MTSKR1905WF

Check video:

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The diameter is way to big for efoil. Just another piece of maytech junk.

This Esurf kit is mainly for Electric surfboard/ RC boat, rescue boat, jetski, jetsurf, etc., that requires higher power.

For Efoil, recommend our Fully waterproof Efoil Kit with MTI65162 motor:

It would be nice, if you stop spamming new threads over and over.

There are at least 3 different maytech junk threads already, why do you have to create a new one each time you manage to turn a motor?


With all problems it is too expensive!

Hi there … i search something like this …what is better for less money than this “Maytech” ??
Need Power, because want to make my SUP with this here:

mhhh, some write its bad stuff + expensive … from maytech … but no one can tell what is better ? So i think the “maytech stuff” is the best on market …right ?

There is one manufacturer of this motor, or at least one design. This is sold to several companies, maytech Flipsky etc. We are not sure what is there contribution to the motor except putting a company brand on it. Maytech lost their credibility by stating that their motor is somehow better and unique. They also had hilarious prices. If you want my advice take the cheapest 120kv with ceramic sealing you can get, either maytech Flipsky or whatever brand.

Maybe I have to add that this is my impression of the inrunner discussion. The thread is quite long, but all of the story can be found there

Pretty much bang on. There’s one manufacturer and one design with a couple of different shaft options.
The motor was initially made for one company and then the Chinese resellers got hold of it. Now it’s offered by maytech, flipsky, reacher and hgl.
If you buy the motor, be sure to open it and add corrosion X so that if water ever gets in it won’t be a problem.

ok, thanks to all …so i think there is no alternative motor with about 18 KW who is better / with less problems … in this price region ? ?
Does anybody know an european shop where i can buy one of this motors ?

No one ? I didnt know where i can buy one … only banggood / china ?

Why 18kw? :roll_eyes::thinking:

Is too much for Foil?

read 6 posts before what i want, and i am a “big man” :slight_smile:
And i think its better to drive with 80% power …instead of all time 100%

But if you have info for 15 kW … its also interesting for me … thats the reason i write …“about” 18 …
But not only 9 kW or 11 …I dont want to make 2 or 3 tests and buy / sell everything because its to less power.

“big man”? Maybe translate that to weight so we know how to advise. Weight is important to know so that the right recommendations can be given for foil wings etc. If you are too big for the direct drive units, then a geared setup might be better. But then a lot of what you will need is a decent size board and foil wing.

7 posts above … i write …that i need no foil … and yes …i want to use my SUP …110 kg

If you are looking for and esc. Here is one on ebay.