Maytech V2 remote UART language question

With the help of a good friend, he is building a data logger for my NON VESC Seal OPTO 300A.
So far he has got a device to measure GPS, Temps, Amps, Throttle input, Volts & IMU.

After some coding he finally got the device to save a log file that can be read and opened in the VESC tool.
The next step we planned was to get the ESP board to connect via serial to the maytech V2 receiver to display amps and other data on the LCD of the TX.

Would anyone know what data format this requires?

Can’t help with the data format, but this is a very interesting subject, as I would love to have this option too for my Flier ESC setup and Maytech V2 receiver


Suppose I would need a dump from someone’s vesc to see what it’s spitting out of Of the serial.

Maytech protocol between receiver and transmitter,

Would you complete this wiring diagram with your data logging device cabling ?

Connections are all to the receiver:

TXD, RXD, (sending data to the maytech receiver display)
GND, 5V,(for power to the data logger)
PWM_T on the receiver (to log the throttle position) Y cable used here.

Other readings:
AMP is a hall sensor on the main battery + (just pass the batt live through the loop)
TEMP is a wire sensor. ill run this to either the Batt pack or the ESC. (could add another)
GPS and IMU are part of the logger.
SD card for saving logs is built in to the logger.
Logger has an built in WiFi AP for live data on the web page (built in web server) and allows downloading of log files to device.

Looks like my mate Adrian (aga) got the data format now so the remote will display live AMP and TEMP. He will try to get the GPS speed to display on the remote now.

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Thinking ahead, Its possible now to use the IMU tilt detection to cut out the PMW signal on angles over X degrees.
We could prevent the board from Arming until its relatively flat. As well as cut out when it detects the board at acute angles during a ride.
a bit like this FLIGHTFREEZE:

These settings as well as max throttle can be customized and saved by a slider value on the built in web server page.

Customized Low batt alarm will also be added to the board.

Cool! I am waiting for the same amp sonser. Also interested in the gps module you use, which one is it? Hope to integrate this into my diy remote this summer