Measuring and displaying amps drawn and battery voltages

I am looking for a way to display in real time how many amps I am drawing from the batteries and what my battery voltage is.
Has anybody found a solution they like to do that?
My idea is to have a window on the pelican case inside of which live my esc and batteries, through that window I would see the data I am looking for.

This discussion thread was addressing that but the link died (Cycle analyst to limit voltage and amps - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) -



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DC300V 100A 200A 400A Hall Effect Coulometer Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Sensor

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Is the contrast of that LCD good enough under the sun ?

Yes, it’s surprisingly good. You even can switch on the backlight. I would recommend you also buying a temp sensor for your ESC. Check my build for more information.