Michion's Build

What did you use for creating vacuum? Do you have a special pump with regulator? I was thinking of making a mold. But now I am working on another solution. I will create the frame from wood and printed parts.

The corners will be printed. The sides are wood made from a right angle and straight part glued together. All this will be glassed afterwards.

What will you as lid? And what locks ?

Here some good latches: https://www.banggood.com/BSET-MATEL-Boat-Hatch-Deck-Latch-Lift-Handle-Marine-Grade-SS316-Cam-Flush-Pull-with-Back-Plate-p-1447411.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN

A mould for the hatch is a better idea as it removes any need to sand the hatch if it is done properly.
For a lid the best way to go is using one of the foam core products and then laminating it solidly enough so there is no flex.

The problem of these latches is that they are “inside” the lid seal. I have a different idea.

Why you need to sand the hatch?

You need to have the hatch as flat as possible where the seals go. If there are any lumps or bumps when glassed theres a risk it might not seal properly. Certain construction techniques allow you to get it perfect without the need for sanding.

Are these compression latches waterproof? The ones I got off aliexpress are crap! And heavy.

I think the banggood ones are. It wouldn’t be hard to make them waterproof even if they aren’t. I think there is another board on the forum using the same latches. I’ll just need to find it.

Here’s the link. He uses the same ones just bought elsewhere: Eduard´s Build from Germany

I don’t think I’ll build stuff after this build. I’ll just try and buy stuff off David at FR.
This folding prop for my build is a masterpiece.


His work is exceptionally good! Granted this is lifts design. But his manufacturing capabilities are great.
Did this set you back a fortune?

David deserves the credit for the design. He sold the license to lift. That’s why we have to pay a bit more for them through FR. Price was high but not totally unreasonable.

Really? Has David told you that? Lift had the folding prop for quite a while before David started making the props for them…

Yep. Maybe it’s just for the latest revision of the folding prop. The guy from lift was saying on one of his vids that the current prop is the third version. 1st to market but third revision.

:crazy_face: Such a nice prop!!! :call_me_hand:

Power off and glide man! :desert_island::surfing_man:

I finally broke down and bought some stuff from FR too. I was worried the products might not be available forever. However…I really hope the opposite happens, and parts of this quality become more readily available in the near future.

Keep building my friends.


Just found out there are slight differences between Gong and Naish masts. Naish fuselage is too loose on Gong Flying Rodeo setup. Gutted!
Have change my FR setup over to Naish mast.

I wasn’t happy with the Gong foils. Ok for the money, but heavy and quite messy tolerances.


Hi @michion

Could you help me choose between the Flipsky 200A VESC or the Flisky Seal 300A ESC (non VESC)? You are running the 300A right? Any reason why you didn’t go the 200A VESC version, besides the lower current limit?

Are you missing any of the features of tweaking the parameters in VESC tool?
Is there any ways the tweak the 300A version, on PC og a programmer, or are you just running it out of the box?

My setup is a SSS56104 / PLE 4:1 + MaB propeller, with a 12S 24Ah LiPo.

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Are they just subtle tolerance differences between the Naish and Gong or more obvious differences? Could it just come down to quality control?

I am now using Gong masts with a custom adaptor to Unifoil wings. So much lighter and WAY more efficient that the Slingshot gear.

There is a whole thread on the differences between them. Maybe have a look on there. I have no interest in data logging or any extra features. I like reliable simplicity so I can just ride.

The naish mast is about 15.3mm vs the gong at 14.85mm. Just doesn’t fit. I suspect the two extrusions are coming out of different factories.

I find once the gong is assembled, there is just too much play in the connections for my liking. Its probably fine but prefer a higher quality in my gear.

Ah that’s interesting. Didn’t know the naish was slightly wider.
My adaptor slides into the gong’s internal slots so completely eliminates any play. Makes it a much better system!

Sorry for the confusion, I thought I read somewhere on the forum you had a Flipsky ESC. Thank you for your kind reply.

New build. Managed to get this build finalized over the NZ covid lockdown. Battery for days son!

Big shout out to David @Flying_Rodeo for helping me out with this one. I could spend my time on the board instead of the drive.