Michion's Build

Are they just subtle tolerance differences between the Naish and Gong or more obvious differences? Could it just come down to quality control?

I am now using Gong masts with a custom adaptor to Unifoil wings. So much lighter and WAY more efficient that the Slingshot gear.

There is a whole thread on the differences between them. Maybe have a look on there. I have no interest in data logging or any extra features. I like reliable simplicity so I can just ride.

The naish mast is about 15.3mm vs the gong at 14.85mm. Just doesn’t fit. I suspect the two extrusions are coming out of different factories.

I find once the gong is assembled, there is just too much play in the connections for my liking. Its probably fine but prefer a higher quality in my gear.

Ah that’s interesting. Didn’t know the naish was slightly wider.
My adaptor slides into the gong’s internal slots so completely eliminates any play. Makes it a much better system!

Sorry for the confusion, I thought I read somewhere on the forum you had a Flipsky ESC. Thank you for your kind reply.

New build. Managed to get this build finalized over the NZ covid lockdown. Battery for days son!

Big shout out to David @Flying_Rodeo for helping me out with this one. I could spend my time on the board instead of the drive.


Very nice board and very nice electronics integration work.

Very Nice :+1::+1::+1:
Greetings Frank

excellent and careful work.:+1::+1::+1:

Did you seal the mast clamp around the mast with silicone?

Nicely done! Now some video of it flying please! :sunglasses::desert_island::surfing_man::beers::call_me_hand:

Hi. Nice job! Where did you found the 2 screws to close the hatch?

There’s a 44kmph record to beat (wind in the back) :wink: !!

Very flower power :wink: Is it waterproof since inside the gasket loop ?
Btw @michion, this gasket being one step quality above you v1 gasket, would you have picts showing how you’ve made it ?

yep, all sealed up. I used SIKA MS modified silicone. Should be able to remove it without too much trouble if I need to.

I use a silicone washer under these to waterproof them. Anodised, so they should last around salt water ok.

Build looks awesome. I’m also in NZ doing my second build :call_me_hand:. How long dose each of your beastly batterys take to charge if you dont mind me asking?

I have a 5A charger for each of the batteries so I charge them both at the same time.
I havnt timed it, but my guess would be about 3.5 hours.

If I ever build again I wouldnt go for a battery this big (14s14p) with the FR motor. I would prefer a lighter build with a 12s13p pack which would still get about an hours range.


Ah yep sweet, cheers for that info.

what brand and type of batteries you have used?

I use two of these 52V 25Ah with Samsung INR1865035E cells. The only seller on aliexpress that I trust. People will say that you cant trust batteries from china, but those are the same people who wont do the work to find a reputable one.

They can pretty much make any size or configuration you want.