MICHOBBY New DIY Efoil Assist Foldable Propeller for MTO6374 Waterproof Motor

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Are these in stock???

What does happen if this 43usd folding prop breaks as we’ve seen it very often for this kind of prop on this forum ? Do you send another one ?

For memory purpose, the waterproofed motor only is 137usd:
'Foil Assist Motor 6374 150KV Fully Waterproof Brushless Motor for Unde – MICHOBBY.COM

Interesting 58V 35Ah battery pack in a waterproof box with handle branded ErayFoil + 58V charger for 1300usd. They have WEIPU or Renhotec 1pin S21mm plugs. They mention 21700 LiPo cells. Should be a typo as I don’t know 21700 Lipo cells.


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it will be in stock in 1-2 weeks.

Will you sell the battery case without the batteries and BMS? What configuration can the case hold? 14s12p? thanks

Sorry the case is not sold separately.

Ok, what configuration does it hold? and what type of cells do you use?

PANASONICS 21700 cells
Full charged Voltage: 58V
Battery capacity: 35000mAh
With BMS 120A

Where is Michobby located? I can not find any info on the webpage.

We‘re in Shanghai, China.

This 35AH 14s7p is likely 340x225x95mm. You can get this size in die-cast aluminium waterproof boxes in various places. Just need to buy the handle, connectors, voltmeter… separately



Maytech sell a 14s14p 58v 44Ah in roughly the same 338x232x100mm form factor which can’t therefore use 21700 cells:

I have checked that the type in the picture you sent is ip66 waterproof, the price of 340x235x90 size is 35 dollars, and you can pay 0.2 dollars to open the hole as required, maybe they changed the rubber ring, I see there is ip68 waterproof aluminum box, and wireless AP

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I think we’re off-topic. Let’s go on in your “Crowdfunding” post :wink:

I think it will be better to replace the rubber ring with better elasticity and thicker water resistance

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This is what happens when someone who has no idea about the things is copying others ideas.


What is arc vs non arc for?

because of motor. if the motor you bought is with arc on back cover, then you need to select the version with arc.

Would be awesome if the site got a discount code as an incentive for the support.

2% Discount Code: RP2