Michoby unusual email and not delivered

Hi all
Brilliant site and endless inspiration :call_me_hand:
Having ordered a michoby foil assist kit I received prompt emails both from michoby and ups informing me my order was on it way within days ,slightly stunned but over the moon , the delivery day came today ups and michoby telling me the order had been delivered
It wasn’t and indeed hasn’t .I’m in uk .
However I have now received an email from Chris at michoby stating they have had my delivery returned due to not having the correct labelling for the remote battery ! I have emailed them to confirm this as surely it’s not the first time they have posted remote with battery and indeed does the remote battery even come under this legislation ( perhaps I’ve just been lucky on previous orders with other companies) .
So to the point , has any one had a similar experience, should I be concerned , and raise a complaint / not delivered as stated with ups and or michoby or indeed is any one connected to michoby on here who could put my mind at rest ?
Could all be perfectly innocent miss understanding etc thanks for reading this far here’s hoping your all going to say it’s normal / usual and I’m Not heading down the endless wait then claim route ,

A similar testimony some 8-12 months ago. Possible explanation: they display articles they don’t have
or prices they cannot honor to look in the game. Money was given back though. A loss of time for the buyer.

Thankyou for your reply
After posting on here and re sending emails to michobby I received not only an email reply but watts app message and finally a direct call apologising for delay again stated due to label of battery .
It appears the michobby parcel was forwarded to Maytech who then sent the complete order .Duty and vat paid via ups I am now in possession of the parts ordered , have to say michobby turned it around and I’m impressed after a false start :call_me_hand: