MIKEs inflatable FANATIC build

Hi to to everyone,
for a long time I wanted to present my build - here it is - first test was 12.08.2018:

A thousand thanks to Craig and Dani from Fanatic for the board - it will not be available in series:

In the next posts I will report about the details…


:grinning: cant wait to see the details on this.

So weighs in total is 32kg - my weight is about 90kg
Top speed is 35kph and I can fly with 1.500w

More Infos in the next posts…


Did you cut through a Fanatic Stubby Air board then ? As it doesn’t seem a stock board, how did you achieve this result ?

What is the bottom surface made of ?

Like I wrote “A thousand thanks to Craig and Dani from Fanatic for the board - it will not be available in series” so Fanatic make the board with the opening

The alu is not treated so is a film for sticking on cars

Gotta say it’s a nice looking build you have here. Congrats !

Few questions :

Seems I can’t find any max input RPM / power on this gearbox. Any data ? Looked further on their datasheet but didn’t succeeded neither. How is the power transmitted to the shaft ? Are they using 3 gears like parker and Reisenauer superchief or 4 like Neugart and Reisenauer motorchief ?
By modified you mean you asked a longer shaft I guess ?

What about your ESC ? Are you Using Nick’s esc Wavebreaker ? How does it perform ?

Did you hit the 35kph with the torqeedo prop ?

How are you ensuring the waterproofness of the motor connectors ? Does it run without a problem ? Pretty proper solution…

Thanks !

Hi Souleiman,

like nearly all gearboxs it’s not made for this speeds - so test it and hope it holds :crossed_fingers:
I’m using a rigid coupling with groove like this => https://www.maedler.de/product/1643/1622/1644/starre-kupplungen-tr-stahl-mit-nut
Yes the a using 3 planetary gears and modified means that I change the plain bearing to needle bearing

ESC is a VESC based Maytech MTSEC6.6 - get’s a little to hot because of bad thermal coupling in the electric board
The 35kph was with a 7.5x7 suzuki aluprop
The motor connectors in the mastplate are sealed with epdm on the mastplate - when it’s screwed no drop of water inside

Aha ok I see, thank you :slight_smile:

May I ask why did you go for Dunker PLG52 (142€ for stock model, I assume the customized one cost more) when Reisenauer Super chief is only a few euro more (165€) but was proven to hold ?

Wow that’s a pretty big prop you were using ! 190mm diameter is really big for our small vessel. Try using a 130-150mm prop, it should be sufficient and you might gain in overall efficiency. FR’s prop are either 135 mm or 150 mm dia.

I see, this is also a good waterproofing solution :slight_smile:

Good question - sometimes bigger is better :wink: and I made the customization by myself - so no additional cost - except the work and the time.

It doesn’t work with smaller props because I have “only” 80KV at the output shaft

Oh ok I see.

Well I have the same motor but ordered two gearboxes. I have a 5:1 + another 3:1. I’ll be able to get around 80 & 120kv depending on the gearbox used.

Many here are running the 80100 with 80kV and still using FR prop or even other 150mm props and it works great. IMHO, >6" prop for efoil is not that good (might be efficient but at which cost ? you’ll need way more torque than we normally need for other props)

I have tested my setup with the cheap 7.25 / 7.5 with 5, 6, 7 and 8 pitch - original size and cut down up to 140mm diameter - best works for me (in total over 120kg) a untreated 7.5 x 7 at 1.500w and foiling.

Next time I will try a direct (inrunner) drive and the “Flite” way with a helical planetary gear

May I ask why do you think Flite is using a helical planetary gear ?

Also I don’t think you’ll run out of torque. Your current setups allows you to get around 10-12Nm while we are only using around 3Nm to foil.

I was talking to them at boot fair some weeks ago - they have a made in germany gear - rather secure a neugart and a prop with high pitch

And it runs very smooth - must be helical

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Hi Mike,

your build looks really awesome! Could you please share a metr link. I’m using the Tramps Vesc6+ also passive cooled. I’m happy with this decision.
I have heard that the Maytech VESC has bad thermal conductivity like you are saying. Maytech is just releasing a new 200A version.

Well done!

There you go:

#Aliexpress € 214,83 | Maytech 200A ESC based on VESC6 vesc controller SuperCase200A with anti-spark switch for electric skateboard kit mountainboard

Oh, I understand the reference ! I used to see similar setups for Esk8. Helical is indeed wayyyyyyyy more smother & quieter.

Look how smooth & quiet it is :

Looking forward to your update then :slight_smile:

Sure => Jul 15, 2019 - metr.at | 5nB4f

This was still the learning phase :wink:

Did you test it or do you hope it’s better - it’s hard to trust Maytech :innocent:

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UPDATE => I’ve added some photos to my first and second post - please scroll up :+1:

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Out of curiosity, what bms did u use?