Miniature foil for research paper

So I am writing a research paper on foils. I first have to have an experiment, I was thinking of building some kind of miniature version of a foil board and then compare the flow or the force to a board without the foil. Do you have any advice on how to build it? Since I am doing this in school I probably won’t have the greatest materials which is why I want to make it smaller. I would also prefer if i could make it so that it would foil on it’s own, since I am not that good at it. Is that possible?

Also if you have any other advice or ideas that would be very much appriciated.

I’d go for an RC boat with a configuration like this ,

A hydrofoil configuration as we use in wingfoiling/efoiling is not stable by itself, so it’d need a complex control system like this


We’ve gone through that route as well. To be honest, making it actually work was far more complex than building a full-scale non-stabilized e-Foil. Even though it was only a 1:3 scale.

@Olivianb - If you are limited with your budget, it might be best for you to team up with an existing e-Foil owner and perform (non-destructive) experiments on it. Or, you might find the answer here, on the forum, from the many tests people have performed in the early days. For example: