Minimum engine power for a wing hydrofoil

Hi guys I’m new very pleased Guido, I’m a guy who goes hydrofoil with the kite I have a moses for racing and a gong to play, soon I will also have a wing hydrofoil with a surface of about 2000 cm2, question since the wing starts immediately according to you I could transform it into Efoil with a small motor and in the case which you suggest, I would do it with folding blades so when I get off the waves I can remove the motor and be able to play with them, thanks and I hope not to be out ot, greetings.

Are you from Israel?

I from Italy , sorry from my language, use google translate

I found this relatively cheap and easy build:

thank you but I am not looking for an economic solution, I wanted to understand if I use a wing which engine power should I use since the surface is about 2000 cm2, thanks.

You still need to take off which defines the minimum thrust you need, so basically all proven solutions you find in this forum should work, 5:1 geared SSS56104, waterproved 80100, 63100, 6384 outrunners or 65161 direct drive Inrunners.

Really nice thank you 1000