Mint couch - eFoil from Poland


A month ago I first tried to fly/swim on a Takuma board, I failed.

My flights lasted no more than 10 seconds, despite a large wing, after half an hour the board broke and for 45 minutes I swam to the shore dragging the board with me
Despite this, I fell in love :heart_eyes:

On the same day I decided to build my own efoil

For several years I have been building electric boards, designing and manufacturing parts (, but water is not my element, I’ve never sailed on anything … so efoil is a new thing for mine.

My efoil won’t be anything special, There are many similar
I would like it to be low-failure and efficient, I do not expect anything else more :wink:
I spent many hours in this forum learning the basics and ordered most of the parts.

This is my setup:
Board: Takuma - damaged, to be repaired and modified
Motor: Flipsky 100kV (Bbcause there was no 120kV available)
Foil: GONG Surffoil Allvator Curve L
ESC: Flipsky High Current FSESC 200A
Battery: 12S11P - Samsung 40T
Remote: Maytech MTSKR1905WF V2
BMS: maybe without … I’m still wondering
Propeller: I wanted to buy a FR propeller but @Flying_Rodeo is not responding so I’m still looking
Additionally: METR Pro, Corrosionx :wink: etc.

More info soon …



I see you manufacture your own parts for esk8, do you have your own CNC or are you using another shop?
Where did you get the damaged Takuma from?

Dude, I’m still waiting for you to sell me your badass drop-down brackets! :joy:

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I have a CNC milling machine, but I am a busy guy, so I would like to buy ready-made elements, I don’t have time to design and make parts in single copies :frowning:

The motor mount will probably I print, although I have an idea how to do it with aluminum

I bought a Takuma board by accident … a few days ago I talked to a guy who has Jet Surf rentals, he mentioned that he has a Takuma board with a damaged mast mount, so I bought it the next day … A few days early I bought a racing board kite for modification, so I have two boards :slight_smile:

Do you mean this concept?

I wanted to design and build my own board, unfortunately, due to lack of time, I decided to buy a used board and modify it

I bought a Monaro V3, unfortunately this board has a thin deck, so I would have a lot of modifications

I was lucky and a few days later I bought a damaged takuma, unfortunately it’s “Cruising”

This board is huge ( size 6’4x30: 150 l)
This is probably the largest commercial efoil , That’s why I called it the Mint Couch :rofl:
The board is heavy, the empty board weighs about 15.5 kg

Unfortunately, there are more disadvantages. Takuma has a specific cooling system.

The controller is cooled by water and air.
There is a radiator at the bottom of the board and the bottom of the chamber has holes, so water is poured inside the chamber,
This is a board with a mini pool :laughing:

So in addition to repairing the mast mount, I also need to seal the chamber

There are also advantages

  • It’s an efoil board so I will have a lot less work
  • The large buoyancy of the board will be better for learning, I am a novice
  • The battery compartment is large,

I will be able to take my whole family, my wife, son and cat for a ride :joy:
The board can be used as a bed (190 cm 74,8 Inch long) :rofl:

The weight of the heat sink and the ESC plate is 10% of the weight of the entire board

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Nice, what milling machine do you have?

MLM, is a Polish milling machine with limited possibilities

Throw some pics in. I think it’s great to see the tools guys use too…

Great board for beginners. I tried it and the buyancy is huge. On the down side, it is heavy so tight turns are challenging.
How much did you buy it for ?
Also, is the black part made of Plastic ? Vacuum formed plastic maybe ?

Be careful, this hatch and seal is not waterproof.

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I would like to tell you what the price was, but the seller asked me not to say it
I can only say is that the price was attractive …

This is probably a vacuum formed ABS, but i’m not a plastic specialist

Yes, I know the hatch is not waterproof, I checked it …

I hope I can change it by replacing the seal

In addition, I mounts two additional housings in the chamber,
the first for the accumulator, the second for the ESC and receiver

The MLM machines look really decent! Which version are you running?

I have a milling machine with a cast iron frame, model IR 432 MLM,
It’s not the worst, but it’s not perfect.
It has a small working field (440x320x140mm)

After the purchase, I had to move the electronics to another place, and after 2 years I replaced the spindle with a 2.2kW with ceramic bearings.

Thats big enough to cut props which is what many on the forum need!
What feed rates can you cut Aluminium at?

I need a propeller too :slight_smile: but @Flying_Rodeonie does not answer my questions about price and availability

The prop is the last thing I would like to mill … It is a very time consuming process and I have no such practice

I ordered some Chinese 7 1/4 x 5 propellers, I will modify them.

I will probably modify the propeller with a milling machine, This is a much simpler machining process,
I will be able to repeat it many times, but I have to find a propeller with an acceptable profile and fit the right cut.

To begin with, such modified propellers must be enough for me :confused:

I already have most of the elements, waiting for the delivery of a few propellers for modification

I changed my plans for batteries, I chose the most efficient batteries, i.e. Molicel INR21700-P42A

I builds 12S10P package with option to upgrade to 14S10P.