Mississippi builder advise?

Hello I am from Jackson Mississippi been reading on forums for over a year just recently decided to make a account saw pacifiemaster build on YouTube over a year half ago decide to start building one… I finally decide to buy from and carved out board! Turned out decent… now my question is from time I saw pacific master build with gearboxes an stuff things have changed so much… so many different parts used now… I for sure don’t feel comfortable building a battery right now…I also bought a ender 3 pro printer I have made all the parts off of pacific master files… I can also make other parts if needed for runner a setup without a gearbox so my question is what setup would work with some 22000mah battery’s? I also have the Clearwater foil built to… I am not looking to ride for no hour or anything I just wanna get the feel before I go into studying for a battery build! Thanks for any input

Look into using an inrunner motor, like the Flipsky 65161 or Maytech 65162. These are the standard now and the easiest to setup. There is plenty of information on this forum to research about them.

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Flipsky High Current FSESC 200A 60V ESC base on VESC6 paired with [Flipsky 65161 100KV/120KV 6000W Threaded Shaft Brushless Motor? does this seem like a good combo I have seen used on others forums that boards have been ridin

There are many people using this setup with great success. Once you choose your esc and motor configuration, your in a great postilion to move forward with your project. There is so much information about that Esc and motor combo that any questions that arise can be answered easily.

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Hey, I’m in the Jackson area and wanting to do this.
We should meet. Can you go to the ecoshed shared workspace in Fondren on a Friday or Saturday?