Model boat prop (4" 7 blade Scimitar Prop)

Would this be a good match for a faster spinning motor (10k plus rpm range)?

Is there any easy way to figure out if a prop is well suited to a given RPM/power output and intended forward speed?

Most common props for e-foil are 3 blade. 2 blad and 4 blade props work quite well too. It’s important to have the correct pitch for your motor RPM. The diameter and blade surface area also play an important role in how much the motor is loaded down, and how much force is needed (heavy vs light board and rider).

Using a custom made prop for your motor is the best option. Second to that is probably 3D printing a prop. And third choice I would say is try to find a prop someone else has had good success with, being an outboard motor prop, or bow thruster, or whatever.

A lot of factors go into the right prop. The one you’re asking about I would say no. It’s probably not suitable. But, you didn’t say anything about your build. So, no way for anyone to know. If you’re building a 2 foot long e-foil board for your cat, that prop might work! :rofl::call_me_hand::beers::desert_island::surfing_man:

Post some more details about your build.

Thanks for the feedback, I see that 2/3 of my original post is gone, not blaming the forum I was typing on mobile.

Last summer I ran a generic “7kw” 80100 sized motor on a SUP foil with a 300 amp controller on 12s using a 3 blade plastic honda outboard prop. I probably got a total of 2 hours of use out of it before I destroyed the motor, esc really the entire setup (my own fault).

I weigh 100kg.

I have parts coming in for a new build (new foil new board etc).

I am considering using 2 smaller props that would allow me to use cheaper / smaller frontal area higher kv in runners in either an inline push pull configuration or a double pusher configuration.

Edit to add, something like a pair of these (not set on these specifically this is just an example):

With one of those dual motor “skateboard” ESC’s.

The idea is obviously that the higher kv motors could push higher rpms through smaller props and retain direct drive while having a larger speed envelope.

I have a boat, and have worked around boats for a long time but I don’t know very much about prop selection.

Sounds like an interesting build. Please document your progress for the community.

I encourage unique builds. Thinking outside the box is great for the evolution of the e-foil.

I however think it is with great risk to go in a completely different direction then sticking close to the tried and proven path. But, you know the saying…with great risk, comes great reward.

I choose the conservative path. Build an e-foil similar to the commercially available boards. Tried and proven!

Good luck with your build! Keep us posted.


I am just going to rebuild my original setup for now with an 80100 and an outboard prop. I barley had the original running last summer, not really enough to characterize its performance. Once I get that running again I might try a smaller prop faster motor combo or a dual motor combo.