Moisture auto detection relay to pump water out / buzzer

Hello fellow builders.

So my 2 build are underway 1 already in the water 1 yet to start BUT a common concern always remains is water getting in where it should not and do i know its happening ?

So i have been thinking about using a small soil moisture relay that i would put inside my battery compartment and other cortical areas that if water was to get in it would trigger an alarm and also potentially a small pump with a pickup at the lowest point in the board and automatically pump the water out ( if a lot gets in ) .


What do you think.

dose anything think such a senor would work ?
of do you know if a different one that is more suitable ?

I plan to do a lot more bigger wave sup e foling and its foolish to think that im not going to get a decent amount of water in at some point and if i have no way of knowing or getting it out on the water then its not fun.

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I used those (for another plant watering project). The sensors corode away totally in no time at all when put in the soil. In salt water they will last for about two rides I would guess.

Where does the pump get air from when it’s supposed to suck the water?

good point. ?

I have used a FESTO 1 way valves in my electric surf boards for years where i blow air into the motor box through a FESTO 4mm tube then when i stop blowing a low point pickup tube then has pressure around it to blow the water back out. works really well and its simple. BUT i have clear acrylic plates to see the water i dont have clear lids in the current project and want something automated.

i already have 2 temperature senors / relays with pump for the speed controller but nothing for the compartments