Montenegro efoil WildBuild

Playing with skateboard builds I come up to build an electric hydrofoil suppose as many of others on this forum.
I am currently collecting parts and reading experiences on forum which is great.
So for now I finished with motor mount, waterproof remote and board.!
In my country it’s difficult to get parts. Long waiting and problems with customs.
I have difficulty to purchase corrosion x from abroad.
Do you have any experience what I can put in flipsky 65161 inruner instead of corrosion x, that I can easily find in this part Europe?

Testing on dry :grin:
test run after assembly


In the ebike world back in the day before ferro fluid a lot of the hotrodders resorted to synthetic ATF inside the motor case help with heat transfer between the stator and the case. It was definitely better than stock. I have a motor with 6 thousand miles that I ran mobile 1 ATF in for a year, then got tired of leaking ATF all the time and worried about the hazards of crashing since it got on the tires (and caused rubber to breakdown.) Anyways, I eventually poured out the ATF and drilled a bunch of the holes in the case for air cooling, then added ferro fluid when that came out. It still runs like a champ and is clean as a whistle inside despite many wet rides in the snow and rain with big holes in the case!

So, I guess test to see if ATF swells any of the seals or other parts in the motor and if not maybe give that a shot.

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Thanks for the advice. I thought about it. Mobile 1 is often used in primary transmission I remember when I swithed oil on my Harley with synthetic, I had a leak. Do you have any picture of the ferro fluid product or link where to find it?

I just google it😁. Didn’t known for that but it’s possible to make ferrofluid at home. And people are using it on ebike outraners. As I understand it’s for cooling between rotor and stator… Any experience on inrunners?

Yes, I use it on large diameter inrunners pushing 4-5k watts continuous. It allows a 3k rated motor to handle about 20-30 percent more power via better heat dissipation. There are some really interesting scientific tests that have been conducted by Justin from on it. There are a variety of brands. However, I don’t think the ferro fluid will have ANY of the anit-corrosion properties of corrosionX or ATF.

As for ferrro It’s realy good advice I will use it on other projects. But for flipsky I found wurth corrosion protection spray. It has corrosion inhibitor and is good in salt water. I will spray it inside and after I will fill it with some ATF, but mineral maybe castrol transmax.

For now all test are finished. Everything it’s working for now. Next test in Sea…




Today test was fully successful :grin::muscle::grin:. Above expectations! Many thanks for this forum and to all enthusiastic people which are willing to help and share their ideas and knowledge…


Hello, if you will make search on forum you will find few links from guys where you are able to buy it in EU, fo example in Germany, I think shipping for you will be less than 15eur.
When I’m trying to find analogs of corrosion x I have searched by corrosion x by MIL-PRF-81309H. requirment. In my country we have no such requirment but I have found local products with similar control performance requirement.
For example, MIL-PRF-81309H are some military grade requirment (?), but in your country something similar could be MIL-PRF-55555.
I already asked earlier about analogs but didn’t receive any answers so even thought to create separate topic for this question. Each month some one asks help about this Corrosion

See my post here

So please share your opinion about Wurth later because it’s only one of products I able to buy in my country also, except Corrosion X

PS efols are legal in Montenegro and Croatia? For me only these counties available by car due corona virus and due high water temperature in winter (12-14C) we are planning visit country in February/March if corona pandemic goes down

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I am planning to use CRC technical grade 3-36. Its a lubricant, corrosion inhibitor, non-conductive… And cheaper, and easier to get than CorrX.

They also mention protecting motors as one of the applications for 3-36 tech grade. Probably not in the way we do it, but its a promising spec anyway.

Edit: just applied the 3-36. The product seems excellent, low viscosity but sticks well to surfaces. I used 80ml.


Corrosion X is available from germany, resonable shipping in europe.

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Thanks for advices. But my experience with efoil at sea is only one day. Today I inspect the board and didn’t see any problems from salt water. In a few days I will open the engine to see if there are any signs of damage. I tried several times to order from GB corosion x but each time it was returned from customs. In the meantime, I found crc marine in a nautical shop and ordered crc hd and crc 6-66 1l. For my first test I sprayed with wurth corrosion and filled it with atf. In Montenegro all vessels with propulsion should be registered although it is not clear whether this applies to vessels less than 3m with electric propulsion. I think it is similar in Croatia.

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Here’s an interesting comparison of products similar to corrosion X. Fluid film which is made in New Zealand appears to be a winner. Has anyone used this product.


Yesterday during the test ride, I noticed that I opened the hatch lock with my knee. I was lucky and water wasn’t leak inside. Does anyone have solution how to block this type lock on hatch?

Maybe something could be 3D printed to cover the latches to stop them from lifting.
It’s interesting that you’ve had success this this type of hatch, even with a latch coming undone. Many have reported this type of hatch to have issues with leaking. Could share the brand of the hatch and if you needed to do any modifications to make it waterproof.

With orginal seal I had problem even with small amount of water. So I removed orginal seal and created 3 new down an one up. I hope you can see it on image. Also inside I coated with polyurethane. As for lock I added silicone oil on rubber inside and filled holes where is screw with glue. Now is pretty safe except that lock can be opened unexpectedly.

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Nice job… Thank you for sharing. :+1::+1::+1:

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On my hatch I encountered the same problem with the toes so I drew this :


Some updates… I figured that I am mising handle for battery and board and I added it…


As for anti corrosion and lubrication I recieved crc and it’s high viscosity oil…looking promising.

And resolved problem with unlocking hatch.