Most powerful motors, controllers and batteries

Hello all!
I am new in this forum and I am building dual motor efoil/jetski hybrid and i want built it with high quality components. I will appreciate your personal advice for following pionts:

  1. What motor do you recommend as most powerful (48V up to 72V)?
  2. What controller do you recommend for this motor?
  3. What is your suggestions for battery (48V up to 72V)?

It seems that you want a very porerful system. Go high voltage because you need lower amperage. However finding a high voltage esc is pretty difficult. Maybe go into ebike escs and cool them somehow with a Waterblock or so. For the motor I really don’t know. Perhaps mhz watercraft. They have a motor for this kinda application


dual as 2 motors, or two application efoil and jetski , or one motor for a flying jetski ?

for jetski will you need x5-8 at least the power than for a efoil board, and a big motor would be to heavy for the just a efoil application

so you need to give more informations

Please be safe with your voltage in water Electrocution is a real danger. 72v = crazy !

what max voltage use for efoil?

I mean dual moror (2 x motors)

it will not be efoil and it will not be jetski, it will be like watter scooter, small and light jetski with efoil motors … 3D design will be ready next weeks and i will post here pictures. Difficult explain without 3D :grinning:

In short - what is the most poferfull battery, controller and motor for efoil? it will be good for start and for tests

Outrunner 80100
Trampa vesc 75/300
Battery : home made Molicell or lipo tattoo

I would say

Any opinion about this motor?

I use two Surpass hobby 56102 600KV motors with 6S6P in my jet board
Not perfect, but it does work.
Building version 2 now. Same motors (for now) but powered by 12S12P

I’d go watercooled QS motor 138 70h with votol 72150 controller. It can push 20kW together with a lipo battery pack. Weight is a bit high but not so critical for you and i never heard anyone burn this motor. i’ve driven one for 30 000 km without issues.