Motor/battery combination for Achieving near 50km/h

Hello everyone. I have some high level questions on what motor would be ideal for building a board that can reach high speeds. I know the speed will be a function of the efoil board/wing but at the moment I’m a bit uncertain about the motor choice. I know Lift using a very expensive motor- I’d rather not spend 1k on just the motor. I think I’ve seen that the Maytech 70182 and the SS 56123 with a 3:1 gear box would work (though this would require water proofing…).

Does the voltage of the battery contribute to power? Would a 14s or 16s be ideal?

Thank you!

Not sure what you mean by 50 KPM. Do you mean 50 km/h?

In any event if you mean 50 km/h why do you want to Efoil that fast?

World record on Fliteboard by a pro rider is 55km/h. There is a vid out that shows a rider hitting 62km/h but they are not standing.

Most people ride about 30km/h - maybe push to 40 but falls at that speed leave a mark! Falling at 50 would be way worse and you could end up with serious injuries.

Sorry about the ergrious typos! I don’t have a great reason for this goal. I just thought it might be a fun thing to achieve

If you want to go for it, I would think most 16s/120kV+ setups should be good enough.
If I remember correctly Flite is even using 14s/70xxx if I remember correctly.
More important than the motor/battery combination is the wing you are using: Flat shape/High aspect ratio would be recommended.
But I agree on the risks: I had one fall at 38kmh - And I do not need another one :slight_smile: