Motor Cable Guide to Reduce Drag

What are peoples thoughts about trying to improve the efficiency of the mast through the water by introducing a pointed cable guide/cover trailing edge. This would only be above the motor for e-foiling back out to catch the next wave?

Motor cable is quite large and disruptive of water detaching smoothly at the back of the mast?

Any clever ideas out there of how to do this in an easily attachable and removeable way? I use the same mast for motor-less foiling as well.

Worth the effort? Photo with Axis alloy mast was my first setup. Never tried without a trailing edge tidy of the cable so not sure how much of a difference it makes.

The easiest way is to have a 3d printed section that gets held in place with shrink wrap. That way you’ll probably have the smoothest interface

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Yeah I agree that would be the smoothest and tidiest way to do it. Unfortunately I want to be able to use the same mast for winging and tow foiling which means heat shrinking and even taping properly each time would be a bit of a pain. Think I have an idea of how to design a 3D printed jacket that is easily removable.