Motor choise for MHZ jet drive

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for your opinions about the ideal jet drive, Motor and ecu combo:

*Option 1
2x Jet 52mm (
-What would be your ideal tested powertrain/ecu combo for this jet drive? The ecu and motor combo listed on the website is very pricy

*Option 2
1x jet 80mm (

  • What would be your ideal power train and ecu combo? The motor and ecu combo they have suggested for this one is approx. 2000 euro which is alot? Is this excessive?

I’m pretty keen on not having to make my own jet drive as i’m worried the efficiency of a self designed one would not be excellent. Looking to make my own board out of carbon fiber also.


Look up Youngster’s Jets on youtube, he’s producing his own carbon fiber jet-pumps, with similar characteristics of the MHZ Jet 52.
Recommended motors - 56xxx series, better choose the big one 56123, kv from 500 to 800.
The MHZ Jet 80 is a different story, you need a very powerful motor, capable of 10~18kw 300A continuous, MHZ combos are super pricey, search flipsky motors, you should choose a motor in the 2.5kg~4.5kg range.
I built a jet-board and it’s a ton of work and very low efficiency compared to e-foil.
My numbers above could probably be overkill but that’s how it goes with a jet-board, high amp set up, you need big guns if you want speed.

We’ve now build 2 jet boards and both our powered by 2 younsters jets.
The video below is still with my old V1 board. Only using 6S.
The new board is running on S12
Both boards are using two Surpass hobby 56102 600KV motors.

If you search this forum you will find some info about my build.