Motor flipsky 65161 100 or 120 kv?

Hello friends. I have a question about purchasing the Flipsky Sensorless 65161 motor.
I weigh 100kg (with a surfboard about 125kg) and have been riding the 100 kv version with a 12S lipo (50 volts) until now
I would like to try the 120kv version which has higher RPM but less torque. Will the 120 kv version take me without any problems, or should I buy another 100 kv? And I would still like to advise which VESC from Flipsky to buy? (I would for water cooling)

If you want more punch with 120KV, you could also get the 70182, 120KV:

Unfortunately I don’t have room for sensor cables. I have to use Flipsky Sensorless 65161 100 or 120 kv. I just wanted to ask if the 120 kv engine will take me on the flight?

I think most people use the 120kV. It has plenty of power to get up and a bit more top speed with a decent prop - Manta, flying rodeo or propellor king.

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9.55/kV multiplied by motor current gives torque so you need 20% more motor current with the 120kV motor, but it has the same torque capability.

This means that if you have an esc that can output enough current the 120kV motor will work equally well but give you a bit higher speed.

I’m 100kg, have used both 100kV motor and 120kV, can’t say i notice any large difference when riding. I rarely go full speed though so the extra speed isn’t what i focus on.

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Thank you very much for the answers, so I will buy 120 kv. And which speed controller do you recommend?


I use the flipsky 120kv and the 75200 waterproof esc with a fliteboard 5ft carbon pro with the flite prop. I am also 100kg and I can get up no problem. Topspeed in excess of 40kmh on 12s.

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thank you very much for your advice

Great results! What kind of foil are you using?

Core 1250cm2 made for kite so a bit too low aspect.

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