Motor / gearbox / board For sale

Hi, I have a couple of SS56104 500KV motors for sale. 1 is been used twice and other used alot but got spare bearings with it.
I also got 2 x neugart PLE 40 5:1 (same as Pacific Miester) 1 is been used twice and other multiple times and ios stripped down to change a bearing.
You can have the parts in an assemble if you want which is a cross between PM and hoirwithy builds and fits to a naish mast. The assembly has some CNC parts like motor to gearbox mount and front mast attachment Fully working and no leaks. I also have a board monaroc an old kitesurf race board.
Motors £50 each
gearbox £ 300 for 2
couplers and reast of assy £ 50
mast £ 70
board £ 70 uk only no posting abroad
im located in wales uk


please contact +5512981163437 on whatsapp. I buy everything but the board.

I think only post to Europe as just priced to ship to Brazil with dhl they wanted £200 so not the best value for money maybe .
The items still for sale

I’m interested by the board, PM sent

Hello, is this still available ? Interested in motor + gearbox.

Yes still available . What u after

Hi, have you any gearbox and couplers left ?

I let u know soon as 1 person just about to buy
I got a 300a maytech Esc if you want one £200

I have been after a Neugart ple 40 for ages, and I missed your post, gutted, if it frees up I would send money ASAP, thanks for reply.

James Harris.

Hi I would be interested in the Maytech ESC , how do we proceed ?



I on holiday for a week so we can sort out after then
We need to price up postage on top of the Price
What is your address

Here is my email, we should talk there but that sounds great -
Drop me a email and I will send my address.



You back from hols yet fella ?

Yes I back from holiday

Just sent you email so we can get a price for shipping

Can’t find the email, looked everywhere?