Motor lifespan and motor service

Hello guys,
when I have started reading the topics I was very scared :slight_smile: about fried motors at first tries. Also I found a lot of mentions that motors which named waterproofed in real life requiring additional waterproofing (additional seals, corrosion x, etc).
I couldn’t find that post, but remembered someone’s words that motor should be checked each 50H of using.

Another useful quotes:

Currently I have two motors - 6384 from ali and Flipsky 65161. I’m willing to order few motors for me and friends (one more 6384, and some another, haven’t decide which exact yet, possible that something 6000W+ for e-catamaran).
My build will be shared with my friends so it’s possible to reach up to 20-30H in fresh water per month starting spring. Currently we decided that some of my friends will have their personal motor+prop (esc(?)) and if something will happen with motor it will be covered by their funds.

My questions are

  1. What the real life of “waterproofed” motors like 65161
  • with out corroding
  • with out changing sealing/bearings
  • the whole lifespan based on real using (not the specs info like 1000H+ etc)
  1. How often 65161 or similar should be serviced? (disassembled and checked insides)

  2. Have someone motors with 100H+ lifespan already?

  3. questions 1-3 but for outrunner like 6384

No geared motors in plans but I don’t see any difference between motor with and w/o reduction except that the gear is one additional part which could be braked.

I used 6384 with more 100h runs.
You needs good bearing for a long life…
Greatings Frank

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100h for laminated 6384?
I saw few posts that some guys tried make oiled version of 6384, but as I understood laminated variant is easier to make, and possible less heat than oiled version. My friend willing experiment with one of my 6384 and make oiled version, but I have no such enthusiasm for that case :laughing:

You need good ball bearings, a laminated winding and if you want to produce a similar motor yourself, a good source for the stator lamination. Without a stator lamination, there is no point in manufacturing yourself.