Motor Matching Problem 65162 motor & 75200 ESC


I am trying to mount an electric motor on my boat as an amateur. My knowledge is at a basic level. I bought a firduo brand 65162 / 120kv motor and 75200 ESC. When I follow the Setup Motor FOC menu with the VESC tool, the detection results are as follows and the motor is not working properly (it’s shaking and making noise). The detection results don’t look normal either (as follows). What could be causing this problem and how can I fix it? I would be very grateful if you could share your experiences.

Did you turn off phase filters under motor/general tab before running detection? This is a common problem that disturbs the detection. The chinese vescs don’t have hardware that supports the phase filters.

Which exact vesc are you using? There are different 75200/75300 CN Knockoffs around. Can you post a picture?

Make sure Phase Filters are off, as Lars already mentioned
You may try these values, they work well for me:

Depending on your HW, a downgrade to fw 5.1 could also solve the problem. Detect as medium inrunner.