Motor placement / Mast height / Fuselage length

I have been a close follower of this forum for a few years, and tomorrow AM will do the maiden voyage of my 4 th board. I hope these 3 questions havent been asked yet, but since i have had limited success in the past 4 years i feel obligated to just ask them since they are all functional geometry related.

  1. I have a Gong Allvator 65 mast, I felt as though a very distal motor mount would be best to prevent the prop from surfacing… My 65161/120KV is mounted so the FR prop is less than 2cm from the top of the fuselage. I see depth advantages but now second guessing this decision (turbulance, bad thrust geometry w center of gravity etc)?

  2. Mast height is 65cm, would there be any advantage when first learning to buy a shorter mast?

  3. I have the standard length Gong Allvator fuselage, but see that they make 2 different extensions to take the tail out further. I thought with the increased velocity of an efoil vs the original intent of this fuselage, the longer fuselage may be a little more forgiving (sluggish). Wasnt sure if any efoilers have tested lengthening their fuselage?

The goal of these questions is to make this year more successful than the past 4, with decreasing the beginner learning curve a little. Thanks for all of the great info the past 4 years!

Foil - Gong Allvator 65 mast, 80 front wing, 45 rear wing.

Motor - Flipsky 65161/120 KV w a little mineral oil in case.

ESC - Trampa VESC 75/300 MK IV

Battery - Molicel P42 21700 12S8P (split in 2 packs - No BMS)

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Thank you so much! This gives me some more confidence for this afternoon in Michigan (US).

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