Motor Questions for a Kayak

I am looking to build a drive for my kayak. A DIY bixpy type clone, if you are familiar with that. I am probably in the wrong place altogether. But this seams to be the highest concentration of aqua motorized DIY that I can find. :sunglasses:

I am currently running a hacked trolling motor with a DIY remote control on LiFePO4 batts salvaged from medical equipment. I have also almost finished a DIY batt. The motor is brushed and 12v. I would like to switch to brushless, higher voltage (24-36v I think) and maybe pick up a little more speed.

Can anyone give me direction, or point me to somewhere to sort through what motor and prop would work for displacement kayak propulsion?

Depends on the speed u want to go. Cheaper part and well working (6s) would be 6384 (jetboardcologne build). U in to a bit more speed, i suggest something with a gearbox for added torque and lower consumption. Plenty of builds here :slight_smile: Idk how fast will it go until u test it :love_you_gesture:

6384 is a motor starting point. The other half of the equation would be… the prop?

If there are plenty of builds here, still looking, but I have not found them yet. Pointing me to 1 or 3 would be awesome

Bump for some more eyes

I got a suggestion to post pictures of my kayak for better responses. This is a 13.5ft Vibe Sea Ghost. I am currently running a 12v brushed Watersnake trolling motor, that I have hacked with RC remote control ESC, and a DIY remote in an Outterbox case. I get 4.5 mph on flat water pulling 15amps with a 4s LifePO4 batt salvaged from medical equipment.

Bixpy makes a commercial motor that runs 36v and gets about 6.5 mph. I am looking for similar or a little better performance


Check out this guys youtube I am following him close and have my own project in the works

I’m still in the design stages of my kayak build. I think I have narrowed it down to these two options.


the battery, BMS, ESC and prop… are other things I’m racking my brain on.

The Good of the land guy has shown me that first motor is not what I want. I am finding zero info on motor an prop combinations, like I am used to finding for drones. So I am still clueless on where I am going. But I am going to keep looking. But be sure to post what you try out

Why is that motor not what you want? I’ll post on my build as it comes along.

Have you gotten anywhere with your build yet? I am looking for similar results as you.