Motor with no needed gearbox?

Hello, I’m 17 years old and trying to build my 1st efoil and I was planning on getting an sss56104 motor and adding a 5:1 gear ratio but I was wondering if there is a motor that doesn’t need a gearhead. I’ve been looking into the inrunner 65162 so I’m wondering if anyone knows if the inrunner would require a gearbox for a good run? I’m guessing not having a gearhead will also decrease battery life. Am I correct on that part?
This is my first time posting and I would love some help. Thank you!!

That 65161/65162 inrunner runs best without any gearbox. I do not have exact numbers, but I do not expect it to be significantly worse in its efficiency than a motor+gearbox combo. If the prop is selected appropriately, it might be even more efficient than a geared motor, since there are less mechanical losses. Anyway, I would not worry about the efficiency. The 65151 and 65162 are the go-to motors nowadays.

Here is my BOM in its current state (some small items missing). Feel free to take a look and copy it, but do your own research and make your own conclusions and plans. This system has not been fully built yet, and therefore it has not been tested. I have been able to run the motor on the bench with the remote, though.


Keep reading and searching. Geared setups are not the way to go anymore.