Motorisation of a supfoil take-off aid

I’m considering a light start-up aid configuration of a foil drive sup foil.
I already have the board and several Gong foils (Curve M, L, XL and Veloce L)
For the moment my choice is
Flipsky 65111 engine
Eskate remote control in a waterproof balloon
Pelican type waterproof box fixed at the back of the board
4 Parkside screwdriver batteries (20 V, 4 Ah) 2 x 2 for a 40 V, 8 A.h power supply
The cost is +/- 600 Euros
I’m not looking to make an Efoil that can be used for long periods of time, but I just want to have an aid to take off and then surf the swell.
I read on the forum that the 65111 motor is not recommended because the power cables are at the propeller shaft. How is this inconvenient?
What do you think of this configuration?
Hope to see you on a spot in the Var in Kitefoil, wingfoil, Supfoil and soon Efoil
Thanks for your help.

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I’m ready to buy two parkside 20V 8AH batteries, in serie, for a foil drive assist. Did you try the 4AH ? how was it ?

Just noticed that Parkside on their double 8Ah charger offers a 60% capacity refresh feature that extends battery life and reduces fire risks also perfect for long periods without use.

I bought 4 8AH 20V parkside performance X20V batteries, I will try soon for efoil and foil drive assist.

What charger are you talking about ?

I bought the single 12A performance charger :

I don’t see any double 8AH charger, only a double 4,5A charger, but without advanced functions (60% storage mode, …)

Yes, this one is fine. I think it has the 60% refresh feature. Let me check.


I would like to do the same for my 6374 motor. Do you think there will be enough power in the parkside batteries for a 3000watt motor?

I’ve seen a lot of 20v 8ah batteries in my Lidl.
I want a 20v 24ah configuration with 6 or 8 32ah batteries to make an efoil with a long range.

I bought 4 8AH X20V parkside for efoil, but will be using two for foil drive assist with 63100 motor, seems to be 5S 4P with 100A max intensity, so in serie 10S4P, should be great for foil drive
I will try in one month (injury)
I hope to draw 2500W max for take off on a wave, so 60 -70 A, I’m afraid it will heat very quickly, so only small burst on waves.

For efoiling, 4 batteries, 10S 8P 16 000 MAH, will be good I hope, (70kg with gong fluid XXLT, I only need 3000W for take off, and 1000W to efoil)

merci pour ta réponse je vais tester aussi après j’ai des outils parkside ce sera pas de l’argent jeter par la fenêtre

j ai enfin testé :