Motorized Stand Up Paddle : your advises

First, I don’t want to fly but only boost my SUP for catching waves ( 5 seconds max) or for moving slowly.
So, I think 2000W motor is enough for my goal with 6s battery .
Minimum weight is the target (no gearbox)
which waterproof engine do you recommend ?
Thank you for your advises

This one, launched in oct 2019 with little success for efoiling, could work for your application (1500W 150KV 14s) but since the cables are on the prop (wrong) side, you’ll have to modify the existing type of pod to screen the cables from mast to prop side : nothing impossible 210usd or 163usd with MOQ 5 here

6384 Outrunner with 4S Lipo ans 150A ESC Flycolor
Greetings Frank

thank you for sharing this information


Thank you for your replies but I don’t find any test or vid about 65111 ; and 6384 is a skate motor so i’m not convinced of its waterproofness…

6284, you must make it waterproof.
It runs by me at 50h only problems.
Greetings Frank

Similar to the 63100. Outrunner motors need to be marinized. To be convinced, just follow this thread by @V_S :grin:Volker's second build (shorty) - Builds -

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Volker have very nice Props for this outrunners !!

it’s doesn’t seem so easy to make those motors waterproof and to change bearings…
I will explore this solution… thanks

IT is very easy to waterproof.
And changing bearings takes about 1min

His real name is Foilker :wink:

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So, a good choice for my project could be :
6384 outrunner 120 KV (sensorless) . I will waterproof it with epoxy on stator.
ESC Flycolor 150 A. (battery 6s)
With this configuration, which propeller do you recommend ?

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Hier im Forum gibt es eine Flipsky Prop Datei von dem User VSxxxx
Die ist sehr gut!
Auf 170mm vergrößern und die Steigung (z Achse) um den Faktor 1.3 erhöhen.
Hat dann bei 6s im foilen Runde 30A, Anfahrstrom 80A.

thanks for your recommedation on HGLTECH products

Is there a way to track power consumption on the water with a flycolor esc?

I’m considering whether to get a fsesc4.20 instead, so I can test folding prop design. It’ll be an assist system, so won’t want more than 50A.

No, with the Flycolor use a 150 or 200A watt meter, it’s a great ESC for foil assist/e-sup, I abused the heck out of it even exceeding the 150A mark for a few seconds, it’s still working great.

Depending on the speed that you want 50A is not enough…
On my built I am reaching 52A for 11km/h on 6s… I am using a wattmeter between esc and battery
I will try another prop in order to keep the same speed but with less Amps

It’s just going to be giving a good nudge like a foil drive assist, not pushing me along at any real speed. I’d like to be be able to monitor the current during use, a wattmeter seems like it wouldn’t be practical to use while foiling.
If I go with a vesc 4.20, I can use 10s or 12s and the current required should be lower (but that would also require a slower motor winding eg. 6374 60kV, for which APS seems to be the only supplier).

Ok so there are nothing to do with a SUP. There are a lot of drags with a SUP that why you need a lot of power… Indeed on a foil a wattmetter will be not practical

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