Mount track or fixed position?

Hi guys, what is a better method?
Mount track that i can position my Mast with more position flexibility or fixed position?
My main concern is how to deal with all the wires if i will use the mount track because the wires can’t just go through the mast directly into the board or there is a good way to do that?
Thanks in advance.

Fixed position as far back as possible.

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Thanks @Jezza, i think this is the best choice at list for the first board.

one thing I would mention is if you plan on riding any waves give yourself enough room to get a foot behind front wing, but other than that as far back as possible

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Let’s start with standing on the board first😉, but thanks for the info @jerry, i am going to follow the info in this link

It is going to be a 5’8" board lenght and the foil mount from the rear of the board will be 8’-12’

I followed that but i find that it only drives you to stand longer to the front of the board, driving a longer board than necessary.

I’d say it is too far forward. Go with @Jezza!

PS i’m in the process of cutting my board and moving backwards…

Sorry, @Jezza, @jerry, @Larsb, the length is 5’4"(not 5’8" as i wrote by mistake), what would you suggest regarding the foil mount distance from the back of the board?

Depending on the shape of your board… i’d set it about 10cm from the rear to the trailing edge of the mast, that way any reinforcements for the mount can end before the edge so you can shape edge easily

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Thanks you @Larsb for your comment, i will definitely take it under consideration.
BTW, this is the board specification:

In my opinion, you want the rear of the foil mast to sit about 20cm from rear of board. That gives you good strength and puts it in a great place for foot position.


Just go with @Jezza our boards have propulsion and is very different to normal foil boards. The longer the mast you use the further forward you will stand, atleast when going up to plane. Look at lift.

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Thank you guys for the inputs