Mounting a 65161 without a 3D printer

The 3D printed motor mounts look flimsy to me. Plus I don’t have a 3D printer. I also don’t have a lathe or a CNC machine. Here’s my hand made aluminum mount for bolting a flipsky 65161 to a Chinese foil…



I am seriously impressed! Way to be innovative!

interesting idea
I like it.
Wich material you take.
How you did the round top of the Mastclamp?

The two end plates were made from 2 3/4" (170mm) aluminum bar stock. I made a 1/2" shoulder on each plate with a hole saw on a drill press, and then cut them to length on a band saw. I made a groove down the middle of the end plates with an abrasive blade on a radial arm saw, and then widened it to a v shape with a file. The middle cover sections were made with aftermarket aluminum car intake tubing with (170mm) 2 3/4" OD. I first traced the mast profile on opposite sides of the tubing. Next I cut the profiles out with a portable jig saw, and then cut to length with a band saw. The nose cone is for RC planes.

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If you try this, hold on tight and go slow. A vice or clamp would help.

Very inspiring - Great work!

Simple and efficient, great job.