Mounting a foil to a surfboard using G10 reinforcements


Son and I found a large piece of G10, 10mm thick. This thing seems pretty indestructible.
So now we can just cut any shape we want (if we find out how to cut it… So strong !)

The foil plate is just flat and uses 4 bolts. What would be the easiest and strongest way to put some G10 on the top and at the bottom of the board, the surfboard in-between, to mount the foil, with bolts crossing the board and G10 disks all the way ?

Would a 10-cm diameter disk around each bolt (so 4 disks on the top and 4 disks on the bottom) be enough ?

Or should we have one single, 33-cm diameter disk on the top and another one on the bottom, with the 4 holes in it ?

Thank you

On my first built i choose 2 aluminium Plate 3mm and 4 bolts through the board
As the mast was bolt the aluminium plate bended for the top one , deep pressed the fiber of the board
Don’t forget you will have your feet around on top , it can be enoying to have to much thickness around the mast area , even when getting on the board after falling , and this will happen often at first

Same on top + 3mm pad : flush to the oem 5mm pad

Good points.

G10 is somehow flexible so it may bend when pressed toward the board before crushing the board. Meaning a single large plate maybe better than, to bend a bid more.

G10 sides can also be sanded down for not hurting toes.