Multi use E-foil hull and two deck options for DIYers

The Strider: e-foil board
Pulled the first parts out of the molds last week. I’ll be posting pictures when I get time to pull them off my phone. Roughly 5’ x 3’ and weighs 33 lbs using the doghouse deck, using the flat deck it weighs 28 lbs and is between 1/8 and 3/16 thick fiberglass with two coats of white gelcoat.
D.I.Y. Hull and deck will run you between $300-$400 for a standard layup, slightly more if you want a special material.
Prototype is going to have a front steering foil shaped like a stingray. The power plant is a FlipSky 65161 100kv from banggood (great buy at $310+tax) and 15 day shipping from USA source.
This board is handicap friendly allowing you to ride in the seated position and steer without having to shift your weight…

More coming soon…


Really looking forward to the pics!

Here are the pics I promised. Think about the possible uses for this platform and the flat deck version as well.
More coming soon: Just finished printing all the parts for my 65161…


Here is the FlipSky 65161 with all the printed parts. I also have a shroud/duct for this prop setup. I have another similar prop setup to test as well… Mast clamp fits a 110mm extrusion.

Seemed a little flimsy so I epoxy coated it and it feels much stronger. I’ve heard that it cuts the power down a little. I’m guessing it’s the added drag from more wetted surface area…

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To strenghten my duct I put 3mm carbon rods into the struts (printed with a 3.2mm hole). I also added a layer of carbon to the outside to make it stronger after an initial fail. Mine was printed from ASA-X, thickest part was 6mm.

I have read here or on a similar site that the duct has a net loss of power between 7 and 12%. Talked to the folks who rent e-foils here locally and they said they removed the duct from all their rental boards. Rental fees are $300 an hour…Keep this on the down low, here in Florida there are no registrations,FL#s and nothing in the state laws that cover use of electric surf boards…Welcome to the freedom state home of 2 and maybe 3 national championship winners this year (baseball and Hockey)… All we need is the Super Bowl this Sunday to finish off the trifecta that I don’t believe has ever happened before, and all in Tampa Bay. Sports capital of Florida!!! Go Bucks!!!

wow…even first companies who started e-foil rent services in 2020 set the 90-120EUR for an hour

No competition in the area To be fair though they rent top of the line boards and there are a lot of extras that you normally pay extra for. Prices are on the rise everywhere and I’m sure they let you ride till the battery runs out (about 90 min. fly time)…

Add Superbowl to the list, Tom Terrific!!!

It was a surprising game!!! The place kicker saved KC from a shutout, wow…

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