My 3 month build

hi guys,
it took me about 2 months to order and get most of the parts I needed for the project, the 3rd month was dedicated for building my efoil board.
after a week I finished with the motor unit and started cutting the board.
unfortunately I also cut and broke my fingers pretty bad…
I didnt want to quit my project and had to finish it before the summer ends so after 5 days I changed my pdesign plans to something very simple and basic(the electronics took me one night work before I went to try it at the lake…).
battery: 2 * 14s(58.8v) 30A + 10A charger.
esc: Flier 400A Boat
motor: sss56114 390kva
gearbox: reisenauer chief 4p ,5:1
foil: chinese A1
pod: front pod is printed from abs 100% infill the back of the pod is made of delrin, the shift from stainless steel 304
seals: 2 brown lip seals(up to 200 degrees celsius)
propeller: aluminum 7.25/5(14$)
remote: r/c car remote wrapped in nylon(ip 55 maybe :wink: ) )
board: just a used junk dead sap I got from a surfing school (after cutting its 240 cm’ long, 80 cm wide, 14 cm’ thickness.
it my first try and there is much more to do to improve it after I learn to surf it.
special thanks to my beautiful daughter for the artistic paint job :slight_smile:



Wow nice! And tough timing. When will you be able to water it first time?

Can you let us know where you got the battery pack from? Or did you weld it on your own?


the batteries are self welded, bms 150A on discharge.
its already been in the water, i’ll upload vids soon…

What casing did you put the batteries in?
Which BMS are you using?

And what happened to your finger

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can you tell as more about batteries ser.
thanks george

@1113 Great job? Did you machined plastic parts? how about the prop is it machined also? Delrin material?

Great thread.

Where did you get the red flange for your chief please ?

Thank you for the pics of the busbar :slight_smile:

Ouch, that must have hurt :confused:

The batteries are coated with 0.7 mm fiberglass boards coated with shrink.
It’s Chinese bsm from AliExpress.
I plan to build a watertight box from a perspex or
Just to coat all the battery in several layers of fiber and epoxy glue?

I bought the red flange
Here, through the site

The knife I built disintegrated And flies into my hands

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The propeller is cheap aluminum from the store
I reduced it to 14 cm
This did not really work and reached only 14 kph
I am currently using a 18 cm propeller and reaches 29 kph
I’ll try a propeller with Pitch 6 and if that does not work then I’ll try to print a propeller (I do not have a printer right now)

Thank you. Which site please ?

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[red flange]
(SALE : SSS56114-390 / Reisenauer MotorChief / A200S ESC - Propulsion System (Motor, Gears) -

Many thanks to the site’s founders
And to everyone who shared
Thanks to you I have a new hobby
And a motorized toy



Dies the cells get hot in this configuration ?
And if i may ask you : 390kv with 5:1 it is pretty low with 18650 , the voltage drops to 3.7v fast on load , you said 29km/h , do you know the pitch of this propeller?