My first build- 100% carbon

So I came across a youtube video of someone riding and efoil and decided to build one.This forum helped me out a lot, and a couple of guys here especially. So thanks again for that. took my first ride today, its awesome! I built the entire thing, including the board, mast and wings. I think it came out pretty good.



how you gonna drop a bomb like that and then not give us any details?
max speed?

looks dope!

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It has the waterproof kit from Maytech. 100kv motor with water cooled 300A esc )with pump that flows up the mast and out the side of the board). It has four 22.2v lipos, connected parallel then series for 44.4v 16mah. I am not sure of exact speed as I only took it on a quick test run, but it was plenty fast. I got it to fly pretty easy, but I fell pretty quick too. Never rode in before, and I don’t surf or skate which I would imagine makes it a bit easier.


Looks great! Great carbon work, my OCD would use a day or two fine sanding the resin completely smooth to really make your great carbon work pop even more. I’m sure you have a similar OCD thing as your lines in the form are looking really professional.

I have a few questions about the build. Do you have some pictures and measurements for the wings and mast? And where did you get the waterproof box.

Your battery setup looks pretty cheap and easy for people who are not ready to build one of their own 18650 batteries. How long time on the water do you expect to get from this 0,7 kWh battery? What charger are you using?

Do you have some numbers on the board?
Dimensions: h * w * t
Weight: Total, board alone, battery alone

Regarding the Maytech kit, was it this one? Maytech Fully Waterproof Efoil Kits

And the big question what was the final damage to your wallet?

Thanks! I have done quite a bit of fiberglass work, but this was my first time with carbon fiber. There was a bit of a learning curve but I got the hang of it.
The board is 5’6"x24"x4.25"
Mast is 28" long
Ill have to check the wing dimensions - they were the first things I built so I don’t remember.
Yes- that is the motor combo I used.
This is the marine hatch I used:
Total cost: ± $2300

Looking nice. What did you use as blank? XPS or EPS, and did you go straight with carbon, or did you 1st put some glass over it?
Also. How many layers did you use?

I just finished my board. Blank is from EPS. Than 1 layer of glass, a layer of cork , and 3 more layers of glass.
All done with vacuum bagging.

Very nice fuselage design, did not no more people were attempting fliteboard design fuselages.
I made mine in welded alu, fuse is 1050g.

Think full carbon is cooler thought if it holds up under load…
Im designing with 16s trampa 75/300 and flipsky 120kv, FR 6” and 7” prop.
This summer will be 50kmh+, if i can juat find crazy person with lighter weight.


hello , great build , could you post some more about the foil construction , i really like the fact to have the motor axel at this position ;
thank you

What box did you embed into the board?

I used EPS, one layer of glass and three layers of carbon.

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I cut out an area in the middle about 3.25" deep and put a marine hatch over top. I put the hatch over the first layer of glass, then 3 layers of carbon over the board up to the edge of the hatch which was recessed into the board so it laid flat.
This is the hatch I used:

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Good to know. Will it dent when you put just your heel on it?
Also. Did you use vacuum?

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No, its solid. No denting or anything. Plus the traction pad I put on top helps i think.

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How much time and money does a project like this entail?

Took me 6 weeks working on it about 10hrs a week or so and about $2300.


Wow that’s gotta be the lowest cost build I’ve ever seen and I’ve got a lot of questions!
Where did you get the carbon fiber?
What method did you use for building the foil? I’ve seen 3d printed molds and it’s really intriguing me.
Did you get a bms for the LiPos or are you just unplugging all 4 and balance charging that way?

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I can see why you chose that hatch. I take it there were no issues bonding to the ABS?

60 hours and $2.3k sounds super cheap; very impressed!

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