My first Build "Cubaboard" and second Build "Woodboard"

Dear Community,

Very thanks at all of you. Without this helpful Community I am not able to build my Efoil. So I want to give my Experience back to the Community and hope you make not the same mistakes like me.

Sorry about my English, it isn´t very well. So enjoy it and smile.

I was build two Boards, my first one was the “Cubaboard”

Gong Alu Mast 75cm

Frontwing 1950cm²

Backwing 400cm²

Flipsky Motor 65161 120KV

Trampa VESC 75V/300A

Battery 14S 10P

Flipsky Fully Waterproof Remote VX3 controller

Propeller: Different, but at the moment is my favourite from:

First I tried the cheaper Flipsky FSESC 75200 75V High Current 200A ESC Base on Vesc with Aluminum Case Water Cooling. It was horrible! I spent three weeks of time with this VESC. On my desk it works but into the water I can´t get it run. Equal witch value´s It isn´t work good enough for riding my Efoil.
Then I bought the Original VESC from Trampa. I need 15 Minutes to programming it, goes into the water and smile! From the beginning it works perfect, it´s nearly plug and play. Thanks to Benjamin Fedder, you are the best.

The Cubaboard has an great waterproof hatch. It´s 48cm x 48cm. The hatch is perfekt waterproof and never gomes water inside. I droped the board 1 Meter Under water for 10 Minutes and it was completely dry inside. An easy and fast way to get an waterproof hatch. The worse is that the maximum is 10P if you take the controller at the same way inside and you need an key to open it.

About my second Build, the Woodboard “Woody”
Sorry that I use the same Name for my Board like another Builder, but the inspiration to build a Board with wood comes as I show his videos and I love the Name, so I Germany exist an Woody-board too. ;-). Thank you about your inspiration.

In this time, the Woodboard use the same Akkupack like the Cubaboard. I only change the Box. My Plan is in the Future to build a 21700 Akkupack and in the new Box is enough space about a 21700, 14 or 16S and 14P Setup.

I´m happy with the Wings for my beginning and plan to change it in the next time. At the moment I prefer to try this Setup from Gong in the future:



Longer Mast 85cm

I hope this setup is not to small. My weight is 90 kg and the weight of the Woodboard is 29,5 kg.

Mastclamp that i use






Nice work, love it! :+1:

Nice work so we have 4 wooden Boards in germany

congrats on great build, I really really like you cable manegment.
Could you provide what all the connectors are (for battery + and -, and the watercooling connectors, and connectors for motor)

BR Luka

What about the watercooling connectors? (The one that goes to electric box?

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Very nice build! Do you have more info on the battery - which cells were used and how do you charge them?
Thanks :slight_smile:

14S / 10P EVE INR18650-33V 3100mAh - 10A really cheap
EVE INR18650-33V 3100mAh - 10A - 18650 - Li-ion - Wiederaufladbare Batterien | NKON

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Which charger do you use?

14S 58,8 V 5A 6A 7A 8A Smart schnelle lithium batterie ladegerät für 14serie 48V 51,8 V 52V li ion akku elektrische fahrrad roller|Ladegeräte| - AliExpress

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the 2 part mast clamp, is it designed for gong v1 or gong v2?

Excellent build by the way, you should join or ger community on telegramm

Both are for Gong V2.
I don´t use telegramm.

Neither did I

But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.



Outstanding build! How did you paint the foam deck for the Cubaboard and what did you use?

It’s build with Pauwlina Wood and Epoxy.

Very nice work there man. Can you elaborate on your process to skin the 3d printed stuff in carbon?